Pasadena Boxers Martinez and Trevino Win Early Round Matches, Advance in Olympic Boxing Qualifiers

Published : Wednesday, November 6, 2019 | 5:54 AM

Fatima Martinez and Howard Trevino. Photos courtesy Fausto De La Torre

Two boxers from Pasadena came one step closer to representing the United States at the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

Fatima Martinez and Howard Trevino both defeated first-round opponents on Monday night to advance to the quarterfinals of the West Coast Olympic Boxing Qualifiers in Oxnard.

Martinez posted a win in the 175-pound division and Trevino was victorious in the 125-pound division to advance to Wednesday night’s quarterfinals. Opponents from around the West Coast are on hand to try for an opportunity to go to the Olympic Games.

Friday is the semifinal round and Saturday is the final round of the qualifiers.

“This is top-level competition,” said Villa-Parke Coach Fausto De La Torre. “They all worked so hard to get to this level. It’s every boxer’s dream to make the Olympic Team and this is one step closer. They fight with a lot of emotions and they put a lot on the line.

Trevino and opponent prior to opening matches at Olympic qualifiers - Fausto De La Torre photo

De La Torre said there was a good crowd to spur on all the competitors.

“It was a great turnout and great experience for these kids of reaching their goals,” he said. “This is the career they chose. It’s intense, there’s a lot on the line and it’s a golden opportunity. It only comes once every four years.”

De La Torre said both contenders are aiming for a professional career in the sport.

The goal is to make the Olympic team and go to the 2020 summer games,” De La Torre said. “They will seek a professional boxing career. These kids are going to turn pro depending on what happens here.”

The well-regarded Villa-Parke coach has been down this road before. He has guided the careers of boxers Vanes Martirosyan, Eddie Lopez and Christian Camarena.

“This is what our amateur boxers strive for is going to the Olympic program with the ultimate goal to make the Olympic team and bring home a gold medal,” De La Torre said. “After that, they want to continue a career and then they go into the professional arena.”

Martinez and Trevino fight again in Oxnard on Wednesday.