Pasadena Business Announces Major Deal with 34-State East Coast Storage Centers Chain

Published : Thursday, October 25, 2018 | 10:16 AM

The partnership between a Pasadena-based, LED-company and an East Coast-centered, self-stowing business promises some serious savings in the storage industry.

Sunnect Lighting and National Storage Affiliates Trust announced Tuesday they are joining forces to renovate the storage company’s more than 650 facilities to use energy-efficient LED lighting.

Kevin DeGeorge, president of Sunnect Lighting, said National Storage Affiliates is setting a great example for the self-storage industry in recognizing the value behind the great attributes of LED lighting.

“LED lighting will enhance the customer’s experience with improved light quality, better lit and more secure spaces,” DeGeorge said.

The new technology of LED lighting has far exceeded traditional illumination, with LED lights lasting 25,000 hours longer than light bulbs.

The U.S. Department of Energy reports that “LEDs are used in a wide range of applications because of their unique characteristics, which include compact size, ease of maintenance, resistance to breakage, and the ability to focus the light in a single direction instead of having it go every which way.”

And that is why the East Coast business is going LED.

“National Storage Affiliates as shown it is a leader in modernizing its facilities with a project that both reduces its carbon footprint and benefits its customers,” DeGeorge said of the partnership with the Pasadena company, which has finished hundreds of LED lighting renovations across the country.

Tamara Fischer, President and Chief Financial Officer of National Storage Affiliates, said the company is committed to taking measures to ensure it is capturing energy savings at every opportunity.

“We look forward to successful completion of this initiative with Sunnect,” Fisher said of the company that operates 668 self-storage properties located in 34 states. “Lighting as we continue to focus on our ongoing sustainability efforts.”

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