Pasadena Chamber of Commerce Adds New Member Benefit

Published : Monday, February 13, 2017 | 2:31 PM

The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce has partnered with new member ZipEdTech, to offer its members quality workforce online education/training. The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce will have its unique branded page where members can access relevant training for themselves, as the business owner and their employees. ZipEdTech has curated a vast library of online trainings that are relevant and affordable. The Chamber will provide this benefit to Chamber Members, and has secured Member only pricing. This is yet another great benefit to being part of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce. This new Program has launched and can be accessed at Pasadena Chamber University.

Businesses now report that eLearning is the second most valuable training method that they use. eLearning has the power to increase information retention rates by up to 60%. Over 41.7% of Fortune 500 companies now use some form of technology to instruct employees during formal learning hours, and this is going to steadily increase in future years.[1] The Beverly Hills Chamber is bringing the power of eLearning to its membership.

ZipEdTech (ZET) is an educational technology company located in Los Angeles, CA. ZET is a full-service provider of digital eLearning solutions. It provides turnkey solutions for professional development and corporate training. End-to-End Services include Needs Assessment Consultation, Curriculum Planning and Development, Learning Management System, and Distribution Platform & Portal. The platform allows for businesses to easily assign and track trainings for its employees.

The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce is a business service organization that works to ensure the prosperity of its members through a variety of offerings including referrals, networking, workshops and seminars, events and much more. The Chamber serves 1450 member companies.



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