Pasadena Chamber of Commerce Members Receive Scam Email

Published : Tuesday, August 21, 2018 | 5:51 AM

The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce said Monday a false demand notice had been sent by email to many if not all of its members.

Pasadena Chamber President and Chief Executive Officer Paul Little notified members that the email, which demanded that accounting records of amounts owed to the Chamber be sent by return email, was not sent by an actual employee of the organization.

No one named Heidi Seth works at the Chamber and they don’t even have a Regional Marketing Director, he said.

The fraudulent email did not actually demand payment.

“I would like you to confirm to me the status of our owed and unsettled payments if there is any. Please reply back to us immediately with the aggregate amount owed with the corresponding due dates for payment and invoices respectively,” it began.

“Please hold on with the payment so we can confirm with our records,” it read

Little pointed out that the header misspelled Pasadena and the return email address was not an official Pasadena Chamber of Commerce email address.

He urged members to delete the email and not to click on any links it provided.

Little assured members the chamber intends to take action to prevent any similar reoccurrences.

“We will invest in software that makes it more difficult, if not impossible, to harvest member email addresses from our online member directory. We respect your online presence and will do everything we can to ensure your listings with the Pasadena Chamber are safe,” he said in an emailed statement.

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