Pasadena City College Partners with BankMobile to Disperse Student Funds

Published : Wednesday, July 5, 2017 | 5:35 AM

Students at Pasadena City College will now be able to receive financial aid funds electronically after the college formed a partnership with BankMobile, a digital banking system.

The PCC Courier, the student online publication, said students were briefed about the new system during an Associated Students meeting last June 7. PCC Financial Aid Director Manuel Cerda said the new system was recommended by Superintendent-President Rajen Vurdien and has been in the works about a year and half ago.

In late May, PCC sent emails to students introducing them to BankMobile and how they could get their aid or refunds, which happens when students have paid for classes and then decide to drop a class. Students were asked to verify their home and email addresses so that PCC’s Financial Aid office can send them their BankMobile cards.

For homeless students, or students with unstable housing, Cerda is planning on having the cards mailed to campus so students can pick them up after showing proper credentials, the report said.

When the system is in full swing, students will no longer get any refunds by check, Cerda said.

PCC plans to host a booth for BankMobile representatives during “Welcoming Day” at the college where students can drop by and ask questions about the new system.

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