Pasadena Community Foundation Announces $1 Million in Grants at Local Heroes Event

Rabbi Joshua Grater & Bill HuangTobi Harper, Ashley Gibbons, Emily Hopkins, Robert CrouchVice Mayor John Kennedy & Deputy Fire Chief Bryan FriedersCouncilmember Tyron Hampton, Bill Bogaard & George FalardeauHarlan Thompson & Josh ChanJeane Ward & Charmayne EalyJeanne Case & Nancy LittekenKelly White, Mayor Terry Tornek & Armida BaylonLanette Turicchi & Connie WhiteMelanie Goodyear, Mike deHilster & Judy Gain

5:09 pm | June 15, 2018

Pasadena Community Foundation (PCF) honored 2018 grantees at their annual Local Heroes breakfast while announcing $1 million in grants.

PCF Board Chair, Fran Scoble welcomed over 240 civic and community leaders including over 50 non-profits at this annual celebration of local philanthropy.

According to Jennifer DeVoll, CEO of PCF, “We have grown our collection of endowments for Pasadena and that means more money flows to local non-profits in the form of grants and scholarships. The bulk of our competitive grantmaking activity takes place in the spring although some additional grants will go out through the end of the year. Through our donor advised and family foundation funds we will also distribute grants all over the country. Last year PCF granted $5.6 million overall.”

PCF manages about 350 charitable funds and $80 million in charitable assets. Pasadena Community Foundation’s core mission is to Build Hometown Legacies, permanent endowments that support work right here in the community.