Pasadena Community Network’s Local TV Channels Move

Channel 56 will now be known at The Arroyo Channel

Published : Tuesday, January 12, 2010 | 1:56 PM

The local community, government and education television channels of the Pasadena Community Network (PCN, Channel 32 on Charter Cable) get new Channel numbers today.

Local Community Access, Pasadena Channel 56 gets a new name, The Arroyo Channel, and moves to Channel 32. Community members can exercise their “freedom of speech” and  cable-cast their own programming on the Channel, PCN management said in a press release.

In other changes:

K.P.A.S. 55, Pasadena ’s Local Government Channel moves to Channel 3 on Charter Cable.

KLRN, Pasadena Unified School District Educational Channel 64 moves to Channel 95 on Charter Cable.

Pasadena City College’s PCCtv moves to Channel 96 on Charter Cable.

PCN management said in the press release that new name and channel changes will not disturb the normal programming schedule, nor will it change the live channel web streaming at

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