Pasadena Company Launches Earthquake Response Tool for Hospitals

Published : Thursday, May 16, 2019 | 4:44 AM

Pasadena-based Kinemetrics, Inc. has installed OasisPlus, a technology platform that provides tools and information needed during the aftermath of significant earthquakes at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

The health care facility is the first private healthcare organization to implement the technology was provides real-time tools before, during, and after a temblor.

Kinemetrics said the introduction of the OasisPlus solution at West Coast hospitals represents a logical expansion to areas that are, or will be, served by the USGS ShakeAlert earthquake early warning system.

The technology is designed to respond to questions of what to do during and after an earthquake within occupied structures.

The company has deployed OasisPlus at Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, and the Dubai World Trade Center in the United Arab Emirates.

OasisPlus allows mission-critical facilities to prepare response teams and occupants more effectively before an earthquake. It further aids in the avoidance of unnecessary evacuations and business process interruptions, while immediately securing ongoing critical operations following a seismic event.

The result should be better-informed decision-making that permits continuing operations and ensures a coordinated response, said a Kinemetrics statement.

“Not all earthquakes require extreme response or full evacuation, and many times the ability to keep patients under care in place – especially those in ICU settings – can lead to better overall outcomes,” Ogie Kuraica, president and CEO of Kinemetrics.

Seattle Children’s Hospital is considered an innovator in pediatric health and wellness and is expected to play a critical role in regional recovery after an earthquake.

Kinemetrics said OasisPlus is comprised of four major components: an advanced earthquake sensing technology that acquires essential data during shaking, performance-based engineering analyses guided by international standards, a command console that serves as the system’s two-way information hub for decision-makers and response coordinators, and iOS and Android mobile app capability that delivers the functionality needed by occupants and response teams, including information on recent earthquakes, response information and building exit routes.

Response teams can view and perform safety checks via the app that show up immediately on the command console to improve response coordination and timing.

For pre- and post-earthquake use, OasisPlus enables administrators to schedule drills that train and test their emergency procedures, and the system provides after-action reporting (AAR) for the practice.

After an earthquake, OasisPlus provides detailed reporting of what happened, so administrators could assess the effectiveness of emergency procedures; data from the platform will also help speed recovery for the organization and local municipalities.

For more information about OasisPlus, visit, or contact Kinemetrics’ Open Systems and Services Division at, or by calling (626) 795-2220. Kinemetrics Inc.’s corporate headquarters are at 222 Vista Avenue in Pasadena. To know more about the company, visit

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