Pasadena Company Markets Dairy-free Egg Wash Replacement for Vegan Chefs

Published : Monday, December 17, 2018 | 6:08 AM

Image courtesy Bellarise Twitter

Pasadena-based Pak Group has launched a new bakery product under its North American brand Bellarise – a dairy-free egg wash replacer that could finally respond to calls for vegan-friendly croissants and brioche buns.

Bakers have been using egg wash – a mix of eggs and oil or milk or water – for centuries to brown the outside of bread and other baked goods and give it that shiny, freshly baked look. Now, Bellarise Shine provides that non-GMO vegan option that Pak Group says works just as well.

“Up to now, commercial and industrial bakeries have had a very limited range to choose from when it comes to egg washes and high-quality egg wash replacers,” Cam Suárez Bitár, marketing and public relations manager at Pak Group, said. “Bellarise Shine gives bakers that consistent, unmistakable and shiny glaze they’re always looking for, while helping them bake the breads that baby boomers and generations X, Y and Z want.”

The company said Bellarise Shine helps bakers cut costs, reduce allergens, and get a “top-quality shine for a price that makes sense.” The egg wash replacer comes in convenient packaging and is suitable for various sprayers, or brushed on, and is ideal for croissants, brioche, danish, buns, and other baked products.

Vegan community publication Live Kindly says the product is based on pea-protein, which is gaining popularity as a vegan food ingredient, including vegan eggs and burgers and sausages.

Pak Group supplies bakeries with their fully customizable yeasts, dough conditioners, and baking solutions. Founded in 1923 in Eastern Europe, the company lends its history of innovation and its global production capabilities to their own efforts to develop custom baking ingredients that commercial and artisanal customers can rely on, the company said.

In Pasadena, the Bellarise lab team focuses specifically on servicing North American bakeries. The team develops and tests their products to meet the needs of commercial bakeries in Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.

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