Pasadena Company Markets Live Streaming “Helmet Cam” for Fire, Police First Responders

Published : Wednesday, July 27, 2016 | 4:16 PM

Pasadena-based Solford Industries Inc. has teamed with San Francisco’s CrowdOptic to market a wireless camera mounted on a helmet which allows firefighters and law enforcement personnel to stream live video from virtually any location.

Powered by CrowdOptic Eye, a powerful, low-bandwidth live streaming device designed to support any wired or wireless environment, the new Incident Command Vision (ICV) is the first solution to integrate CrowdOptic’s camera hardware and live-streaming capabilities into conventional firefighter helmets. The ICV is both rugged and waterproof and can withstand the extreme environments that emergency response personnel encounter.

Solford will be distributing the integrated helmet to the emergency response industry in the hope of increasing situational awareness among emergency response units.

With CrowdOptic Eye, ICV will also use Crowd Optic’s patented algorithms to understand where members of an emergency response team are looking in common. The common focus can be used by response managers to coordinate other efforts in support of the response.

“Incident Command Vision powered by CrowdOptic Eye will enable a city’s command center to have, for the first time, a live visual connection to what emergency responders are collectively seeing on the scene,” says Rick Crawford, President and CEO of Solford Industries and a fire captain with 26 years of experience. “This has the potential to enhance tactical decision making and revolutionize the process by which agencies respond to emergency incidents.”

CrowdOptic had just recently released CrowdOptic Eye as the company’s first standalone hardware for instant, professional-grade live streaming. ICV marks CrowdOptic Eye’s first integration with a wearable device.

Solford Industries, with headquarters at 70 South Lake Avenue in Pasadena, derives from a team of public safety professionals who had actual hands-on field experience combined with extensive communications experience. The team has experience ranging from fires, urban rescues, earthquakes, wild-land firestorms, severe weather events, high profile incidents and extensive daily emergencies from some of the busiest public safety agencies in the world.

Solford professionals have hands-on experience in handling emergencies at ground level to the command level, coupled with communication experience; this enables Solford to create products by public safety professionals for public safety professionals.

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