Pasadena Company Reaches ’100 Million Served’ Milestone

Published : Monday, October 23, 2017 | 7:32 PM

QLess, a Pasadena-based innovator in customer interaction management (CIM) technology, says its software platform has now saved over 100 million people from waiting in lines, representing more time recovered than all of recorded history, the company said in a press release.

QLess pioneered a queue management and appointment scheduling platform that empowers organizations to schedule appointments and manage lines for superior customer experience, lowered costs, and reduced walkaways. The platform include data analytics that drive better business decisions.

Using the platform, people who wish to set an appointment with a QLess client can join a virtual queue via an app and receive updates with forecasted wait times, letting the user decide what would be the best time to physically proceed to the appointment area for his requested service.

QLess uses algorithms that track customer flow and improve wait forecast accuracy over time, allowing organizations to improve user experiences and retain happy customers.

Based from customer reports, return rates with QLess clients are four times those of organizations with inaccurate wait forecasts. The company said its mobile queueing has doubled customer satisfaction rates, and QLess online-to-offline conversion has reduced no-shows by 60 percent.

“We’ve seen a 10 percent increase in year-over-year returns in terms of dollars per invoice since deploying QLess,” says Jake Bishop, store manager for HVAC and refrigeration supplier Johnstone Supply’s Salt Lake City location, which has been using the QLess platform since 2013. “The QLess platform allows our customers to explore our carefully-designed showroom, instead of waiting in line for service. The customers and the staff love the system, and it helps us improve our store’s customer experience by tracking wait-time data.”

QLess CEO Dr. Alex Bäcker said their platform “changes the way the world waits,” and significantly improves customer satisfaction, operational efficiencies, and sustainable growth for clients.

“It’s not just about the numbers for us – it’s about how we really help people and our communities and make a real difference that goes far beyond the bottom line,” Bäcker said. “For example, we recently worked around the clock to deploy our platform for Sonoma County so that residents displaced from the recent fires could receive support and services without having to wait in line for hours. The good we’re doing for humankind is probably the thing I’m proudest of about our company and it’s why people who work here stay here for many years.”

QLess mobile queuing solutions are used in more than 1,000 locations around the world to save customers time and improve business productivity.

QLess was founded in 2007 and is privately held.

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