Pasadena Creates Third Largest Number of Jobs in Los Angeles County from September to October of 2017

Published : Monday, November 20, 2017 | 6:12 AM


Pasadena generated the third largest number of new jobs in Los Angeles County between September and October 2017, data from the California’s Employment Development Department (EDD) showed.

At the same time, Pasadena’s unemployment rate was 3.9%, which is below the State’s average and the County’s rate as well.

The Monthly Labor Force Data for Cities and Census Designated Places from the EDD, said Pasadena is home to a labor force of 80,100, of whom 77,000 are employed.

Within the County, the City of Los Angeles created the largest number of jobs, with 40,000 employment opportunities. Long Beach was ranked second 3,772 jobs, and Pasadena was third with 3,746, the State’s figures show.

An EDD press release Friday said California’s unemployment rate fell to 4.9 percent in October, while the state’s employers added 31,700 nonfarm payroll jobs, according to data EDD collected from two surveys. The state has now gained a total of 2,673,700 jobs since the economic expansion began in February 2010, the release said.

At 4.5 percent, Los Angeles County’s unemployment rate is significantly higher than those of San Diego and Orange Counties, which were recorded at 3.7 percent and 3.3 percent respectively, according to a media report.

The state’s Employment Development Department said the U.S. unemployment rate decreased 0.1 percentage point in October to 4.1 percent, while the nation’s employers added 261,000 nonfarm payroll jobs.

In October 2016, California’s unemployment rate was 5.3 percent. The unemployment rate is derived from a federal survey of 5,100 California households.

Nonfarm payroll jobs in California totaled 16,860,300 in October, according to a survey of businesses that is larger and less variable statistically. The survey of 71,000 California businesses measures jobs in the economy. The year-over change, October 2016 to October 2017, shows an increase of 256,800 jobs, or up by 1.5 percent.

The number of unemployed Californians was 952,000 in October – down by 35,000 over the month, and down by 63,000 compared with October of last year, EDD said.

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