Pasadena Crime Rate Drops Compared to Last Year

Pasadena police received 2,106 calls reporting crimes so far this year, a 3 percent decline from 2018

Published : Tuesday, August 13, 2019 | 5:06 AM

The Pasadena Police Department probably doesn’t mind releasing the kind of crime statistics that were generated last month, because those numbers suggest crime in July was down in almost every category and 3 percent overall so far this year compared to 2018.

Technically, the numbers represent “calls for service” recorded when police are dispatched. The month-to-month tally has been published by the Department for over a decade and allows for comparative analytics.

There was only one homicide recorded in 2019 through July 31. Last year saw three murders over the period in question. In 2017, six homicides were committed over the same block of time.

[Editor’s note: Sadly the city suffered a second homicide last Sunday when a man shot Friday morning died in a local hospital.]

There have been 17 rapes this year, down from 23 over the same time frame in 2018. That’s a 26 percent reduction.

There were 129 car thefts through July. That’s down from 174 last year; a decrease of 26 percent.

There was also a decrease in burgled vehicles of 16 percent (311 last year, 262 this year).

Commercial burglaries were down 26 percent with 116 being committed this year and 156 the prior one.

The category of “burglary other” (thefts from parking structures, storage lockers, schools, churches, etc.) dropped 17 percent with 76 being reported this year as compared to 92 for 2018.

As to setbacks, the largest increase was in domestic violence with a 16 percent jump from 132 incidences in 2018 to 153 in 2019.

“Any type of domestic violence in our society should not be tolerated or taken lightly,” said Pasadena Police Commander Jason Clawson. “It’s a shameful crime that destroys lives, has a long-lasting physical, mental and emotional impact on families and must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Clawson said there are prevention and intervention models in place, but that police are somewhat hamstrung when it comes to what happens behind the doors of private homes.

There are resources available and he recommended those wanting to know more call Sergeant Carolyn Gordon at (626) 744-3863.

Robbery reports were essentially static, with 84 reported last year and 86 this year; an uptick of 2 percent. It is considerably lower than the 135 calls for service recorded in 2017.

There was a not-insignificant jump in residential burglaries from 132 last year to 153 this; a 16 percent bump in the wrong direction.

“Do society a favor and don’t be a thief!” said Clawson.

Overall there were 2,223 service calls in the first seven months of 2018, and this year there were 2,160.

The statistics come via a monthly report from the Department, which compiles total calls for service by city council district, but just for the month of July; not year-to-date.

The most contacts with police occurred in District 6; Councilmember Steven Madison’s turf saw 62 calls for service. Councilmember Gene Masuda’s District 4 was runner-up with 58 calls. Councilwoman Margaret McAustin’s District 2 had the lowest number of calls with 28.

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