Pasadena Crime Rate Spikes 13%, Led by Burglaries, But Still Lower Than Most Recent Years

Published : Wednesday, April 17, 2019 | 5:04 AM

Pasadena Police Chief John Perez is scheduled to tell a City committee today that Pasadena that the year-to-date reported crimes rate in Pasadena has risen 13% over last year’s but is still lower than either 2016 and 2017.

The 987 reported crimes in 2019 is 5% lower than average over the last three years.

Perez will report 114 more crimes, mostly thefts but also 40 more burglaries, have occurred than in the same timeframe than in 2018.

2019 property crimes are higher with the largest spike in January, due in part to a string of incidents which led to the arrests of the suspects. Overall, six arrests have been made of burglary suspects.

Robberies bounced back up by 11 over last year in the time period.

It’s difficult to determine the cause of the increase, police said.

“I think every case is different,” said Lt. Jason Clawson. “Maybe it’s an act of desperation, where they don’t have anything. What risk are you willing to take?”

Sometimes even just one person create a “crime wave,” Clawson said.

“One person who will you know, come into our community and do some, let’s say thefts on storage lockers, and will move on to the next community, and the next community, and the next community. A lot of times when we’re catching suspects, they’re not local,” he said.

Clawson said the Department reacts to shifting crime numbers by changing how it deploys resources.

“We do that in certain areas that have threats like quality of life issues or repetitive calls for service, we look at what drives our numbers, we try to change the environment to prevent and intervene,” he said.

Additional patrols by marked police cars and stationing undercover resources are among the responses, he said.

“We look at our numbers almost daily.”

Long term, Clawson pointed to programs aimed at helping convicts and parolees back into mainstream society. He said a Pasadena program that helps the formerly incarcerated with financial literacy, job skills and housing has significantly lowered the recidivism rate locally.

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