Pasadena Fire Department Unveils New High-Tech Ladder Truck, Replacing Other After 20 Years of Service

Published : Wednesday, February 7, 2018 | 1:00 PM

The Pasadena Fire Department proudly unveiled its brand new 2017 Seagrave Tiller Drawn Aerial Ladder Truck at Station 31 Wednesday morning, equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology and replacing the previous truck that has served the city for over 20 years.

Firefighters gave police personnel, city officials and community guests an up-close look and tour of the new $1.29 million unit, designed better meet environmental emissions standards and provide the department with improved efficiency when saving lives.

“As our firefighters respond out to the community we want to ensure that they have the most functional pieces of apparatus, tools, and equipment and this unit is going to help them,” said Pasadena Fire Department Chief Bertral Washington.

The new 2017 Seagrave Tiller Drawn Aerial Ladder Truck replaces the previous ladder truck of the same model that was manufactured in 1995.

The new truck meets environmental and National Fire Protection Association standards and features advanced technology to improve firefighter operations and responses, according to a press release.

“We always want to make sure that we keep up with the emissions and the environmental standards that are in place and we do it in such a way that we are going to keep our firefighters safe,” said Washington.

The new truck features a variety of new additions that are designed for efficiency and safety for day-to-day operations.

One main feature is the arrangement of equipment compartments that will make it easier for firefighters to access than previously, and that are organized in categories of specific incidents.

“All of the compartments are much more efficient than they were before,” said Washington.

The truck is equipped with over 300 feet of ladders, and also advanced life support equipment, and technical rescue gear such as chainsaws, rotary saws, and hydraulic tools that aid in firefighting operations, according to a press release.

“This truck also allows us to provide the highest level of emergency medical services of any of our units,” said Washington.

The unit includes hydraulic tools, such as the commonly known “jaws of life” tool, to better assist in technical rescues, traffic collisions, fires, emergency medical calls, and more, according to Washington.

“Our firefighters come to work every single day to provide the best possible service that we can to the community and having the best equipment in order to do that job is just going to make their job so much easier, it’s going to make it safer, and it’s going to make them feel even better about doing the work that they do,” said Washington.

The expected lifespan of the 2017 Seagrave Tiller Drawn Aerial Ladder Truck is 20 years.

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