Pasadena Police Department Swears In 11 New Officers, Announces Promotions

Published : Sunday, July 28, 2019 | 4:26 PM

The Pasadena Police Department honored its own with a swearing-in and promotion ceremony at the Central Library Auditorium Tuesday, July 23 which saw the Department add 11 new officers to its ranks.

Perez also announced four promotions among sworn officers, one promotion in civilian ranks, and introduced three new civilian employees

The event was packed with police and city officials, civic leaders and proud families of those being sworn in, promoted and recognized.

“On a daily basis, on a weekly basis, most of the accolades for the police department are for police officers and the commitment they make every single day and the sacrifices to keep our community safe,” Perez said. “However, as police officers, we realize inside the Police Department there is not much we can do without a civilian workforce. We thank them as well.”

As each employee was honored they received a mission card that represents the principles of policing and how they treat the community, intended to represent the partnership with the community.

Those promoted were: Jason Clawson, promoted to Police Commander; Sean Dawkins and Kim Smith, promoted to Police Lieutenant; Susan Gomez, promoted to Police Sergeant and Sabrina Dennis, promoted to Police Supervisor.

New officers sworn in were Dylan Alexander; Brandon Anderson; John Cybulski; Raymond Cardenas; Edwin Dumaguindin; Grant Haggard; Brittni Hulsizer; Alejandro Loeza; Molliane Reiter; Ronald Sereno and Erick Urquieta.

New employees introduced were Itzel Gomez and Stacy Sunnaa, dispatchers and Sonia Morin, police support assistant.

Clawson’s 27-year career was highlighted, including his work in the undercover narcotics and intelligence unit, his duties as part of the Central American Law Enforcement Exchange program, and his assignment with the FBI in El Salvador. He commands the criminal investigations division, media relations and earlier this year he traveled to Sacramento to testify before the Senate and the Assembly on a bill he co-wrote with Senator Anthony Portantino.

Perez said teamwork, building a positive mindset with a commitment to serve, and caring about others more than caring about themselves, are the trademarks of the Pasadena Police Department.

“It is our legacy as a human race to care for one another and it is what we leave behind at the end of the day,” said Perez. “So these keys to success are not difficult, they only become difficult if we lose our way in our journey. It is vital we stay focused on our mission.”

“For all those on stage today, remember this is not about the fact that we hired you or what you have achieved,” Perez said. “This is about your potential and what you will provide for this community and what you will do to make this police department better in the years to come. We appreciate that. Remember to always be students of the profession, an ambassador, and always serve the mission and place it first in all that we do.”

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