Pasadena Police Officer Unintentionally Runs Over Man Lying Down on the Grass at Villa Parke

Published : Wednesday, August 1, 2018 | 9:13 PM

A Pasadena police officer leaving Villa Parke Community Center after assisting a Park Safety Specialist unintentionally drove a police car over a man lying on the park grass and injured him.

Pasadena police Lt. Marie Sell said the victim in the 6:35 p.m. incident is a 42-year-old Pasadena resident. He was transported to a local hospital and is in stable condition with non life-threatening injuries.

Sell said the mishap occurred after the officer wrapped up helping a Park Safety Specialist who was dealing with a group of people in the middle of the park, located at 363 East Villa Street.

The officer returned to his vehicle, did a U-turn and drove down a grassy knoll to get back to the street, Sell reported.

He “didn’t see a gentleman that was laying on the grass and ended up running over him,” Sell said. “The officer felt a thump … so he stopped right away. He got out and he saw the gentleman on the ground.”

She said the officer immediately called for Pasadena Fire Department paramedics.

The victim, she said, was transported to a hospital for treatment of his injuries and is being kept there overnight for observation.

Sell said that a Pasadena motor officer was called to the scene to take a traffic accident report. The area was canvassed for witnesses to the accident.

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