Pasadena Police Recap Critical Incidents in March

Published : Wednesday, April 3, 2019 | 5:48 AM

This report from the office of Pasadena Chief of Police John Perez details selected critical events which occurred last month, snapshots of the one-thousand calls received by the Pasadena Police Communications on the average day.

March 1, 2019, 11:57 p.m., officers responded to a shots fired call in the area of Hammond St. and Morton Ave.  Officers located several expended casings near the south parking lot of Kings Villages.  Officers then heard several gunshots north of their location.  As officers investigated, a black BMW driven by S-Jackson drove westbound Hammond St, to southbound Sunset Ave.  S-Jackson drove his vehicle recklessly and hit an unmanned patrol unit.  Officers saw the suspect vehicle, and a pursuit ensued.  The suspect abandoned his vehicle at Maple St. & Fair Oaks Ave., and ran onto the westbound 210 freeway.  Officers gave chase on foot and apprehended the suspect on the 210 eastbound.  The suspect was transported to LCMC for minor injuries and exhaustion.  Air-1 directed officers to Summit Ave/ Maple Street, regarding a hot spot from the FLIR. The hot spot turned out to be the suspect’s handgun.  Officers located more expended shell casings on Pepper Street/ Sunset Ave. but as of this writing, no victim(s) have been identified.

March 3, 2019, 12:07 p.m., Officers responded to 400 N. Fair Oaks, in regards to a strong arm robbery. The victim was collecting bottles at the gas station when he was approached by two male subjects. Suspect #2 distracted the victim, while suspect #1 patted the victim down and took money from his pants pocket. The suspects fled the location east on Maple St. Officers located one male in the area who matched the suspect description.  He was detained and identified as the suspect who took the victim’s money. Suspect #2 is still outstanding.  The victim was not injured.

March 3, 2019, 4:37 p.m., Officers responded to a residential burglary at the 1200 block of Glen Oaks Blvd. The homeowner was out of town monitoring his camera system at the home. The victim reported the suspects were ransacking the residence. Officers arrived but the suspects were gone. As a perimeter was set up, another caller from Glen Oaks said 2 males came to her door to ask if they could borrow a car jack for a flat tire. The police helicopter arrived and spotted a broken down vehicle with 4 occupants. Responding officers detained the subjects. The victim of the burglary was able to send still photos from his video surveillance equipment to dispatch and the subjects were in fact the suspects from the burglary. They were arrested and were linked to 1 other residential burglary and a hot prowl in the area.

March 5, 2016, 4:26p.m., Officers and Fire personnel responded to Target in the 3100 block of east Colorado Blvd. in regard to a fire in the stairwell of the parking structure. PFD was able to extinguish the fire and no injuries occurred. The responding officer was able to view video surveillance capturing the incident. The video showed the suspect place something in a shopping cart in the stairwell of the parking structure and a fire ensued. Still photos of the suspect were shown to a H.O.P.E. officer who immediately recognized the suspect. A few hours later the responding officer saw the suspect in the area of Sierra Madre Blvd. and Foothill. He was taken into custody without incident.

March 6, 2019, 6:07p.m., Officers responded to a hit/run call on Hudson Ave. and Mountain St. The suspect vehicle was located and officers attempted to pull it over.  The suspect stopped momentarily but quickly drove away southbound on Lake Ave to Oak Knoll Ave. and onto Huntington Drive. A slow speed pursuit ensued but after about twelve minutes, it became unsafe for officers and the public.  The pursuit was then cancelled but the suspect was later identified.

March 7, 2016, 9:06p.m., Officers responded to the 2300 block of east Colorado Blvd, in regard to suspects placing numerous over the counter pharmaceuticals into backpacks.  As the suspects were leaving the location, one of the suspects sprayed the loss prevention officer with pepper spray.  A description of the suspects and their vehicle were provided by the victim.  Police Helicopter PD-1 was on scene immediately and saw the suspect vehicle fleeing the area.  PD-1 directed officers to the suspect vehicle and 3 occupants were detained. A field show up was conducted, which positively identified the people detained. All three suspects were arrested without incident.  As this investigation was unfolding, officers were simultaneously investigating a similar crime at CVS on south Arroyo Parkway where the victim had also been pepper sprayed. A field show up with that victim also developed a positive identification.  The estimated recovered loss is approximately was valued in excess of $3000.

March 9, 2019, 8:44p.m., Officers responded to a call of a fight in the area of Mentor Ave. and Bell St. The police helicopter arrived at the scene and the helicopter observer directed officers to a vehicle seen leaving the area.  Officers stopped the vehicle and spoke to the occupants who admitted to being in a verbal argument with another individual, but officers were unable to locate the other party. Forty-five minutes later, dispatch received a call from a resident in the 1100 Block of Mentor Ave. who said a bloody male was on her front lawn. Officers responded and contacted the victim who claimed he was hit by a car. The victim was bleeding and PFD was summoned to the scene. Upon closer examination it was discovered the victim had a wound on his stomach that appeared to be a slash from a knife. The victim was very uncooperative and would not tell the officers what happened. He was transported to the hospital for medical treatment which was non- life threatening. Officers were able to re-contact the original subjects they stopped and they admitted to being in a physical fight with the victim. Both were arrested for the assault.

March 12, 2019, 7:26p.m., In December 2018, the victim’s boyfriend was contacted regarding a fraudulent account he allegedly had at a bank in China. The caller was able to convince the victim’s boyfriend to have the victim provide her information to verify his account activity. Eventually the same caller got in touch with the victim and told her she was wanted in China for money laundering with a fraudulent account and if she didn’t pay $50,000 she would be arrested and extradited back to China. The victim wired the 50k and then the caller kept asking for more money. The victim ended up sending a total of $178, 000 through wire transfers. Eventually the victim figured out she had been scammed and called the police.

March 14, 2019, 10:06p.m., A violent collision occurred between a small white passenger van and a black sedan in the intersection of Fair Oaks Ave. & Claremont St. The collision caused the sedan to careen into at least 2 parked vehicles, one of which was occupied. The driver of the van was transported to a hospital in serious condition. The black vehicle caught fire and at least 3 teenagers from this car were taken to local area hospitals. One additional passenger from this vehicle may have fled the scene but that has yet to be confirmed. The debris field from the collision spread across a whole city block and structural damage occurred to an apartment on the west side of the street from the wreckage. A bloody bottle of alcohol was found on scene as well as a handgun. Motor Officers were called out to investigate.

March 14, 2019, 10:50p.m., PPD received a call of shots fired in the area of Garfield Ave. and Washington Blvd. The responding officers were unable to locate any evidence of a shooting. Later, someone posted a report of the shots fired on A subject then replied to the post and he admitted to shooting homemade ammunition and everything was alright. The posted was coded to a screen name that identified the poster as living in Bungalow Heights which is between Washington Blvd. and Eldora St. Numerous messages were then sent back and forth between this subject and dozens of concerned citizens. The messages were then reported to the PPD and copied into a report. The next day the subject confirming the shooting was identified and claimed he was only trolling people on the internet. He was not found to be in possession of contraband and was not arrested. This investigation was forwarded to the City Prosecutor’s Office for review.

March 17, 2019, 7:18a.m., A subject walked into to the cosmetic area of a pharmacy in the 700 block of South Arroyo Parkway and is seen concealing cosmetic items in her jacket pocket.  She walked by registers and exited the store without paying.  Employees followed the suspect and asked for the items back.  The suspect pulled out a Taser, pointed it at the victim and pulled the trigger.  The victim heard a sound and saw an electric arc.  He immediately backed off as he believed the Taser did not have a cartridge.  The suspect was last seen walking away in the parking lot toward the platform of the Gold line. The victim was not injured.

March 17, 2019, 7:48a.m., A woman was in bed in the 3000 block of Margareta Dr. when she heard a noise.  Her dog started barking and ran towards the kitchen.  She went into the living room and saw a male subject standing in her kitchen.  She asked him what was he doing and he said he was looking for “Maria”.  The victim told the suspect he does not belong in her house and to leave before she calls the police.  She stepped away and when she returned the suspect was gone.  The victim walked to the front of the residence and the saw the suspect standing in a neighbor’s driveway. The suspect left the area on foot.  The victim was not injured and there was no loss.

March 20, 2019, 1:51a.m., PPD units responded to a report of a fire in the 500 block of South Hill Ave.  As units arrived they found one home fully engulfed in flames.  The house, which is under construction, was vacant at the time of the fire.  There are no reported injuries, no one was displaced and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

March 22, 2019, 11:26p.m., Officers observed a vehicle leaving a hotel in the 2000 block of Colorado Boulevard at a high rate of speed and conducted a traffic stop. The vehicle was occupied by 6 passengers. The Officer obtained consent to search the vehicle and recovered an unregistered firearm concealed inside the vehicle. All 6 occupants were arrested and transported to the Pasadena jail. 4 of the occupants were juveniles and released to their parents. The two adults were booked in the Pasadena jail.

March 23, 2019, 6:39a.m., Officers responded to a residence in the 1700 block of Orangewood St. regarding three suspects attempting to break into the home.  The victim was inside when the suspects approached the front door and kicked it several times.  The suspects then broke a front window and walked away toward the driveway.  The suspects returned to the broken window and one subject was seen armed with a firearm.   The victim opened the front kitchen window and shouted to the suspects the police were coming.  The suspects ran away from the residence and were last seen south on Allen toward California.  The victim was not injured.  There was no loss or entry into the home.

March 23, 2019, 10:09a.m., Officers responded to an apartment complex on Oak Knoll Ave. south of Colorado Blvd. regarding a male wo was urinating and littering on the property.  They contacted the suspect who was in the driver’s seat of a vehicle with a female front passenger. The driver initially refused to roll down the window of the vehicle, provide identification or exit the vehicle.  At one point he rolled down the driver’s window a few inches and verbally provided his name.  During the contact it was determined that the driver had an outstanding felony assault warrant for his arrest.  When he was told this information he became extremely agitated and secured himself in the vehicle.  Communication was established with the occupants over the cell phone however they refused orders to exit the vehicle.  After two hours of containment and communication with suspect, they exited the vehicle and were taken into custody.

March 27, 2019, 9:23p.m., A woman was getting ready to close her business in the 400 block of south Marengo Ave., and walked to the back of the store to get her purse. She heard the front door of the business open and thought her last client had come back in the shop. When the victim came out to the front she saw a male standing in the doorway. The suspect then approached the victim, grabbed her and threw her on the ground. The suspect hit the victim on the top of her head and took her purse. The suspect ran out of the location with the victim’s purse. An area check was conducted but the suspect was not found.

March 28, 2019, 3:11p.m., members of the Pasadena Police Department’s Special Enforcement Section served a narcotic search warrant in the 400 block of east Montana St. A subject had been observed conducting hand to hand narcotic transactions.  SES contacted the seller and a buyer as they recovered rock cocaine and U.S. currency. Both suspects were arrested.

March 28, 2019, 6:32p.m., Officers responded to a report of a garage burglary in the 500 block of North Oakland Avenue. The victim reported seeing the suspect enter the garage via surveillance. Upon arrival, Officers searched the garage and located the suspect hiding inside. The suspect was in possession of loss from the same location on a prior date and believed to be responsible for another garage burglary at an adjacent property. In addition, the suspect was on parole for burglary and had two no bail warrants.

March 28, 2019, 9:55p.m., Officers responded to the 700 block of east Villa St. in regard to a woman heard screaming.  The 82 year old victim was walking towards her residence when she was pushed from behind and fell to the ground.  The suspect kicked and punched the victim in the head and thorax area; grabbed her purse and ran away.  A witness heard a woman yell for help and saw a person run across the street into a vehicle that fled the scene.  Paramedics responded to the location for the victim however she was not transported to a hospital.

March 29, 2019, 1:32p.m., Special Enforcement Section officers conducted a traffic stop on Arroyo Blvd and the 210 Freeway for driving infractions. The officers obtained consent to search the vehicle and a loaded .38 revolver was located in the passenger compartment. The suspect was arrested without incident and booked at PPD jail. It was later learned the gun was stolen of the City of Los Angeles. The suspect is a known felon, who is on active probation for distribution of narcotics, with prior weapon charges, and also had an outstanding no-bail probation warrant for his arrest.

March 29, 2019, 7:55p.m., Officers responded to the 400 block of east Orange Grove Blvd. in regards to a shooting.  One subject fired a handgun at a male that walked by him. The suspect fled the area in a black compact car. Officers were unable to locate the suspects or the victim.  The victim’s identity was obtained during the investigation.  Evidence shows the victim was not believed to be hit during the shooting.

March 30, 2019, 12:27p.m., Officers responded to an armed carjacking in the 1400 block of Locust St.  The victim was driving home when she saw two men standing on the north curb.  As she drove closer, both men walked into the middle of the street which forced her to stop the vehicle.  The suspects pointed at the front bumper of the victim’s vehicle.  The victim leaned out of the vehicle not knowing if there was a problem.  Suspect #1 went to the driver’s side, pointed a gun at the victim and pulled her out of the vehicle.  Suspect #2 entered the passenger side of the vehicle. Suspect #1 entered the driver’s seat and both suspects fled east on Locust.  The victim was not injured. The investigation is ongoing.

March 31, 2019, 11:25p.m., A 68 year old woman was walking in the 1000 block of east Colorado Blvd. The suspect, a 60 year old female, called out to the victim but the victim tried to walk away.  The suspect caught up to the victim, turned her around and struck her twice in the eye.  The victim’s property was taken out of her purse by the suspect who fled the scene.  The victim was transported to a local hospital for medical treatment.

March 31, 2019, 3:24p.m., PPD responded to an assault with a firearm, which occurred at Marengo Av/Orange Grove Bl. The 52 year old suspect was involved in a verbal dispute with the 32 year old victim. The suspect removed a pistol from his waistband and pointed it at the victim during the dispute.  No one was injured and the parties separated and left the scene before police arrived. The investigation is on-going.

March 31, 2018, 10:37p.m., A 29 year old male and his friend exited a vehicle in the 400 block of north Allen Ave. and immediately started fighting with 5 male subjects.  The victim was stabbed by a suspect numerous times in the torso.  All of the suspects fled the area after the fight.  The victim was transported to a local hospital, where he was treated.  His injuries are not life threatening.

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