Pasadena Police Urge You to Be Aware of Holiday Pick Pocket Thieves Targeting Purses

Published : Tuesday, November 26, 2019 | 1:57 AM

The Pasadena Police Department has investigated recent pick pocket thefts from women’s purses.

The suspects will target a women’s purse that is hung over a chair and unsecured at a restaurant or pick pocket an open purse hung over the victim’s shoulder while the victim is waiting in line to pay for merchandise at a retail establishment, the department said in a statement.

When the victim is not looking, the suspect(s) will use various distraction techniques and remove the victim’s wallet from their unsecured purse and leave the location with the loss.

The Pasadena Police Department urges you to be on guard with your purse especially with the increased crowds at restaurants and retail establishments during the holiday season.

Tips for Securing your Purse

• Do not leave your purse out of sight
• Keep your wallet secured on your person when possible
• Secure your purse if it has zippers or buttons
• Keep your purse in your immediate control when dinning at restaurants
• Be aware of strangers sitting very close to you at restaurants and strangers who are in close proximity to your purse while waiting in lines

If you have been the victim of a pick pocket theft contact the police department, your banks, credit card companies, and a credit reporting agency to ensure you have not been the victim of identity theft.





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