Pasadena Prepares to Get Stoned on Thursday

The Rolling Stones to make first Pasadena Rose Bowl appearance in 25 Years on Thursday for 'No Filter' Tour; Rose Bowl staff advise concert-goers to 'Arrive by 5 p.m.' to beat traffic

Published : Wednesday, August 21, 2019 | 5:26 AM

Pasadena music-lovers will get ‘Satisfaction’ this Thursday when The Rolling Stones make their first Rose Bowl appearance in 25 years.

But area commuters coming home from work may feel differently as thousands of concert-goers descend on The Rose Bowl to see Mick Jagger and the band at 7 p.m. during the work week.

Rose Bowl personnel advise residents to come home from work earlier or later than usual to avoid traffic headaches, and it’s recommended that attendees of the rescheduled rock show arrive before 5 p.m. The Rolling Stones had originally been set to play the Pasadena stop of the “No Filter” Tour on Saturday, May 11.

“We’ve been preparing for a long time for the Rolling Stones,” said Darryl Dunn, general manager of The Rose Bowl. “Unfortunately, Mick Jagger had health issues and they had to reschedule the concert and the show went from a Saturday night in May to a Thursday night in August. That means we have traffic challenges. So if we can get people here before 5 or 5:30 p.m. that would make the commuter’s ride a little better.”

It’s The Rolling Stones’ first appearance at The Rose Bowl since their Voodoo Lounge Tour appearance on Oct 19,1994. Dunn said the staff has been preparing and working with Rolling Stones tour personnel and the promoter, but when the date for the show changed, so did the bulk of the communications work.

“Because of commuter traffic, what we’re doing is getting the word out,” he said. “We sent emails to ticketholders to alert them to get to the stadium early. There’s an overlap with people coming home from work and the people coming to the event.

“People who live around here, they know the deal on a Thursday night,” Dunn said. “For those who are working and coming home, they have to realize we’re going to try like heck to alleviate traffic but still, chances are, from 4:30 or 5 until 8 p.m. or so, and again after the show is over, you’ll have heavy traffic. If it were me I would come home early or go and have dinner somewhere, and come home later.”

And with that in mind, Dunn said it gives commuters and concert-goers both a perfect opportunity to cut their workday short.

“It’s is the Rolling Stones,” he said. “If there’s ever a day to play hooky from work this is it. Or do a half a day.

“Come early, we have a FanFest we’re organizing, there will be shade and cooling areas,” he said. “We want to get people here early. A lot of our work is messaging and we do that anyway, but with the fact it’s a sell-out event on a Thursday, there’s more emphasis on that than there would be for a normal event.”

Activities, Parking and Shuttle Bus

There will be plenty of activity at The Rose Bowl starting at 3:30 p.m., when parking lots open. The Rose Bowl is partnered with KLOS on the FanFest that will take place on the Brookside Golf Course in Lot 1A. In addition to a live broadcast, tickets will be given away, there will be a virtual reality 360 experience, cooling stations, and merchandise that can be accessed before the crowds arrive.

Dunn said it’s always a lot of production work leading up to any event at The Rose Bowl, but The Rolling Stones show takes additional preparation.

“The Rolling Stones were here 25 years ago and it’s sort of like hosting the Super Bowl,” he said. “The Rolling Stones are the most iconic band in the world. Tickets sold out instantatneously and it’s going in and working with the production people. And now at this point it’s about executiion.”

The Rolling Stones will play Santa Clara on Saturday and then make their way down to Pasadena. The Rose Bowl removed the grass and will lay down floor for the concert-goers but besides that it’s all a matter of load-in at this point, Dunn said.

“We’ve hosted many concerts in our day and you still have to work with the production teams with the tour, with the promoter and that’s standard,” he said. “It starts now and it will build until show day. Then we’ll execute and we’ll have a great show and a great experience.”

After the Stones, The Rose Bowl will be the site of the Pasadena Daydream Festival featuring The Cure on Aug. 31 and then UCLA football season kicks off, so it’s a tight schedule.

Dunn said tailgating is encouraged and ride-sharing is not.

“We’re the best tailgating place in the world, so fans can do that,” Dunn said. “I woiuld not recommend taking a rideshare. The leaving part is challenging. What happens quite a bit is rideshare is so popular, we have more riders waiting to be picked up than there are cars, so they have to wait.”

Off-site parking is ample and people can take the shuttle from Old Town Pasadena, by the Parsons Engineering Building, right to the stadium.

“The bottom line is come early and make a day of it,” Dunn said. “Of the 35 million people we’ve hosted over the years, I’ve never had one person complain to me that they’ve gotten here too early. The setting is so beautiful in the Arroyo. And this is not a show, it’s an event and you’ve got to treat it that way. Having The Rolling Stones here is a dream.”

Rolling Stones No Filter Tour at The Rose Bowl 


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Take Advantage of Off-Site Parking and Park and Ride Shuttle: Shuttles will be located at Old Town Pasadena (Parsons Engineering Building). Rideshare is not permitted in the Arroyo Seco so plan to be dropped off near the shuttle location. The shuttle buses running on private roads directly in and out of the stadium prior to, during and after the concert providing the most seamless entry – ensuring you are not waiting in traffic to park on-site.

Clear Bag Policy: Please plan for extended bag check and security lines before entering the Rose Bowl Stadium for the Rolling Stones “No Filter” Tour. The Rose Bowl Stadium has a Clear Bag Policy that requires 12x6x12 clear bags for entry otherwise the bag must be 4.25 x 6.25 (clutch size, with or without strap acceptable). Please plan to leave non-permitted bags at home otherwise you will need to check them in, for a fee of $10 each, at the two checked-bag locations at Gate C and Gate N.

For More Information: Please visit for additional details on shuttle information, interactive maps, and more information on the pre-game activities like the FanFest in Lot 1A and much more.

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