Pasadena Public Works Spearheads Clean Up of Homeless Encampment Near Eaton Reservoir

Published : Monday, July 8, 2019 | 5:10 AM

Workers contracted by the Parks and Natural Resources Division of the Pasadena Department of Public Works have cleared out a homeless encampment near the Eaton Canyon Reservoir and hauled away about 120 cubic yards of trash, debris and biohazard materials from the site, according to City sources.

Ara Maloyan, Pasadena Public Works Director, said Public Works staff backed by Los Angeles County Eaton Canyon Flood Control District personnel worked together, coordinating and communicating until their combined efforts allowed deployment of the contract crew to do the cleanup efficiently and safely.

Maloyan did say exactly when the effort took place, other than to say it was recent.

The project was completed in three days with a four-person crew, Maloyan said in a report. He said the equestrian trail that traverses the space around the reservoir has been cleaned and now safe for its users.

The cavities beneath the New York Drive overpass have also been cleaned and now free of any homeless activity, Maloyan’s report said.

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