Pasadena Remains on Fire Watch Thursday

Published : Wednesday, December 6, 2017 | 6:52 AM


With Pasadena emergency officials keeping a wary eye on the Creek Fire while beefing up fire staffing and patrolling high fire risk areas of the city, Pasadena Fire Dept. spokesperson Lisa Derderian said Red Flag parking restrictions will stay in effect Thursday, residents should stay alert to conditions which could change quickly, and air quality has become a health factor.

Derderian said Tuesday the Creek Fire, with its evacuation zone approaching La Crescenta-Montrose, seems close, but does not yet appear to be a present danger to Altadena or Pasadena.

“We’re always concerned, but we will give plenty of notice if we do see it getting close to our area, because we are reminded of the Station Fire many years ago that spread throughout the San Gabriel Valley over a period of many days,” Derderian said.

The biggest current health risk is the air quality, she said.

“[We are] encouraging anybody with existing medical conditions to stay inside, for kids not to play outside during recess or after school,” Derderian said.

“If we do start getting ash in the air, too don’t bring pets in the house without cleaning up their paws and same thing with people, clean up your feet and shoes before you go,” Derderian said, “because that can create additional health problems with the ash that they’re bringing inside.”

The South Coast Air Quality Management District issued an advisory which said everyone in smoke-impacted areas should avoid any vigorous outdoor or indoor exertion; people with respiratory or heart disease, pregnant women, older adults, and children should remain indoors.

The SCAQMD said windows and doors should remain closed, and suggested runing your air conditioner and keep the fresh air intake closed and the filter clean to prevent bringing additional smoke inside.

Derderian also said Red Flag restrictions have been generally observed by residents, noting that two cars were towed as they were parked illegallyand about 30 tickets were issued as of Tuesday afternoon.
Parking is restricted on streets designated as “No Parking” areas due to Red Flag conditions.

Derderian said that during a Red Flag event, smaller fire vehicles continually patrol these restricted locations until the warning is lifted.

Parking is restricted on posted narrow and/or winding roads within Pasadena’s urban-wildland interface areas to allow for improved Fire Department access and resident evacuation.

Derderian said vehicles parked in violation might be subject to being fined and towed.
Red Flag warning sign locations include:

1. Northbound Altadena Dr. Near Veranda Ave.
2. Ne Corner Of New York Dr. And Sierra Madre Villa Ave.
3. Northbound Hastings Ranch Dr. South Of Denair St.
(Near Don Benito School Field)
4. Northbound Michillinda Ave. North Of Valley View Ave.
5. Northbound Arroyo Blvd. South Of San Rafael Ave.
6. Northbound Avenue 64 South Of Burleigh Dr.
7. Eastbound La Loma Road West Of Sycamore Glen.
8. Southbound Avenue 64 At Glenover Dr.
9. Northbound Patrician Way Near West City Limit
10. Northbound San Rafael Road North Of 134 Freeway
11. Northbound Linda Vista Ave. Near Colorado Bridge Overpass
12. Westbound California Blvd. West Of Grand Ave.
13. Ne Corner Of Forest Ave. And Lincoln Ave.
14. Westbound Washington Blvd. West Of Lincoln Ave.
15. Northbound & Southbound Linda Vista Ave. In Front Of Fire Station 38
( 2 Signs At This Location)
16. Eastbound Lida St. West Of Arts Center Entrance
17. Southbound Arroyo Blvd. South Of Rosemont Ave.
18. Southbound Linda Vista Ave. Near North City Limit

Streets where parking is restricted on Red Flag days are posted with appropriate “No Parking” signs. If signs are not posted, that street is not affected, the Fire Department said.

For more information on what a Red Flag Warning means, visit

For more on Pasadena’s red flag alerts, visit

To review the notification choices and methods for the Pasadena Local Emergency Alert System, click the “Self-Registration” link at and log in.

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