Pasadena Schoolchildren Learn All About Water at PWP’s Water Awareness Day Event

PWP Water Awareness DayPWP Water Awareness DayPWP Water Awareness DayPWP Water Awareness DayPWP Water Awareness DayPWP Water Awareness DayPWP Water Awareness DayPWP Water Awareness Day

5:40 am | May 24, 2013

About 200 schoolchildren, as a part of the City of Pasadena’s Annual Water Awareness Day Thursday, were served a free lunch and received a school bag.

But that all came with a price, said Gloria Acevedo, events coordinator for Pasadena Water and Power.

“We (had) them pledge that they’re going to be water savers and they (got) stickers that they get to take home that say they’re water savers,” Acevedo said.

In opening up Pasadena Water and Power’s Jones Reservoir Thursday, the students were able to tour information booths to learn about the water quality testing, the water cycle, water engineering and conservation before viewing the underground reservoir and pump house.

Children were also able to get inside the large field equipment vehicles.

“When they see them (service crews) out in the streets, they have an idea of, ‘Okay, this is important. This is going to benefit me. They’re working on the line, they’re making sure that I get clean water coming to my home for all the uses that I need.’”

The children also got a chance to see a visual display of 60 empty milk gallon jugs, to demonstrate the average daily per capita residential indoor water use in Pasadena and as well as pumps and large pipes that draw water to the reservoir from local and imported sources.

May is “Water Awareness Month” in California. Pasadena, like many other cities in our state, continues to face long-term water supply challenges, according to a news statement.

Through extensive public outreach programs and one of the region’s most aggressive anti-water waste ordinances, Pasadena has continued to steadily cut down its water use since 2006. Thirteen water-waste prohibitions remain in effect permanently, according to the statement.

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