Pasadena Self-Driving Vehicle Technology Company Hires Indy 500 Winner Dario Franchitti as Consultant

Published : Thursday, March 8, 2018 | 6:42 AM

Coast Autonomous

Image Courtesy Coast Autonomous

Coast Autonomous, a Pasadena-based self-driving vehicle technology company, has recruited three-time Indianapolis 500 winner Dario Franchitti, one of the world’s greatest drivers, as an advanced driving coach for its autonomous vehicle system.

The company said in a statement this week that it will be tapping into Franchitti’s driving skill and experience to provide the best possible input to their robotics and artificial intelligence algorithms, in order to come up with a more intelligent system with better safety and a smoother ride.

Franchitti said as an experienced driver, he watches the slightest movement of a driver’s head or the twitch of a front wheel, and knows when and how a vehicle is going to change direction before it actually does. He plans to teach these skills to engineers at Coast Autonomous, he said.

“Apart from driving ability, to be a winning race car driver involves many attributes including precision, attention to detail, continuous risk assessment and a constant effort to improve,” Franchitti said. “But above all else, safety comes first. Coast shares this same winning philosophy. Since Coast asked me to join the team, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about everything I do in a car that had previously been subconscious after years of professional driving.”

Coast Autonomous Managing Director Adrian Sussmann said Franchitti will be adding his considerable talents to the company’s efforts to keep their vehicles “at the cutting edge of self-driving vehicle technology.”

“Simply sitting in a car with Dario at the wheel is like taking a master class in driving. The way he drives is completely different from how an average person drives,” Sussman said. “It seems completely obvious to us that if you are developing self-driving software you should understand how someone of Dario’s caliber drives. It will be a privilege for our engineers to work with him and make sure that Coast’s self-driving systems continue to be the very best.”

Coast Autonomous, with headquarters at 23 East Colorado Blvd. Suite 203 in Pasadena, is a software and technology company focused on delivering AV (autonomous vehicle) solutions for low-speed environments.

At the center of one of the fastest and most profound disruptions to impact the transportation and logistics industries, Coast Autonomous has developed a complete suite of AV software that includes mapping and localization, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), fleet management and supervision systems. Partnering with proven manufacturers, Coast says it can provide a variety of vehicles equipped with its best-in-class software to offer Transportation-as-a-Service (TaaS) solutions to cities, theme parks, campuses, airports and other low-speed environments.

To learn more about Coast Autonomous and how it can help you power autonomous transportation in your environment, visit

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