Pasadena Service Federal Credit Union Opens John Muir High School Branch, Employing Students and Inspiring Careers in Finance

Published : Wednesday, January 31, 2018 | 9:51 AM

Pasadena Service Federal Credit Union Opens John Muir High School Branch

John Muir High School is the site of a new banking branch for the Pasadena Service Federal Credit Union which employs students and gives hands-on job experience for those interested in pursuing careers in the finance industry.

The fully functional branch is open to the community and is the product of a unique relationship between the credit union and the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce who together have created opportunities for Pasadena youth through successful internship programs and similar initiatives.

“The Chamber is very happy to have helped in some small way make the Pasadena Service Federal Credit Union branch at John Muir a reality. We are very pleased that PSFCU took the bold step to bring banking services onto the Muir campus and make the credit union services available to Muir students and their families,” said Pasadena Chamber of Commerce CEO Paul Little.

The branch provides a direct and immediate relationship between the students and their families with a financial institution that can provide banking services, credit and more.

Students will get hands-on experience running the branch, something generally not available to high schoolers, according to Little.

“We have a unique partnership with the Pasadena Service Federal Credit Union who have trained our students, worked with them, and is here with them each day that the bank is open,” said John Muir High School Principal Lawton Gray.

Pasadena Service Federal Credit Union Opens John Muir High School Branch“To have this institution in our community is the biggest takeaway from me. This is where I do my banking also,” Gray added.

The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and the Pasadena Unified School District created an immersive summer internship program which aims to provide students with career readiness as they near adulthood and enter the next phase of their professional lives.

Each year approximately 100 students are selected to work alongside professionals in various industries that include corporate offices, nonprofits and more.

PSFCU took on two students last summer to join their corporate team and learn about the ins and outs of the world of finance and banking–all before they graduate high school.

“PSFCU is a Chamber member in good standing and has been an active business partner hosting interns, speaking in classrooms and providing other support to the Chamber’s work-based learning initiatives,” said Little.

John Muir High School senior Maria Villalobos is a teller at the branch and was inspired to join the credit union team while a student at the school’s Business Academy where students run a virtual enterprise in their senior year and participate in internships at local businesses like the Pasadena Service Federal Credit Union.

Pasadena Service Federal Credit Union Opens John Muir High School Branch“It’s something that I’m interested in,” said Villalobos. “It’s a good thing to have on campus because you get experience. I’m grateful to have this experience at John Muir High School. Once I’m out of here I get to follow this career and I have some experience to back it up.”

Villalobos’ daily duties include opening accounts for students and members, making deposits, cashing checks, and more.

“I’m actually thinking of working for the credit union and pursuing a career there once I graduate from John Muir High School,” said Villalobos.

Students, staff, and other community members will celebrate the grand opening of the John Muir High School branch at a ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday on campus.

“I hope the branch on campus provides the opportunity for high school students to learn, understand and explore careers in finance and, perhaps, consider college coursework that could make that a reality for them,” said Little.

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