Pasadena Service Federal Credit Union’s VP Marketing Andy Tien Joins Mentoring Group

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12:56 pm | May 24, 2019

Andy Tien, currently the Vice President of Marketing for the Pasadena Service Federal Credit Union (PSFCU), has recently joined ArcVida’s team of professional mentors, bringing a wealth of business and mentoring experience.

ArcVida Inc. , based in Los Angeles, is a mentoring firm that offers personalized, guided career support for professionals looking to launch a fulfilling, successful career.

As VP of Marketing for the PSFCU, Tien has experienced first-hand just how much a good mentor can provide the right guidance. He explains the value of mentoring and the USC Trojan Family.

“For most people, a career is a person’s greatest asset because if you multiply earnings over the course of a lifetime, it’s often worth more than any physical possession,” Tien said. “You need to treat your career with a lot of care.”

Born in Vietnam and the son of Chinese parents, Andy Tien immigrated to America with his family as boat refugees after the Vietnam war. He grew up in East L.A. and in the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County and became the first in his family to go to college.

“There was no defined path for me,” he recalls. “There were no corporate executives or alumni for me to talk to. My parents were new to the country and worked all the time to put food on the table, so I didn’t have external guidance or connections to help get ahead in life.”

Attending a university was his and his parents’ goal, so Tien studied hard in high school. He also focused on being well-rounded by joining the track, cross-country, and basketball teams.

“I didn’t want to be labeled into any particular category,” he said.

As a University of Southern California undergrad, Tien developed a passion for marketing after participating in a General Motors internship in which students worked in teams to promote a car dealership.

“I realized that marketing was a career that I could really sink my teeth into,” he says.

After a few years of progressive marketing roles at a tech company and then pivoting into the financial services industry, Tien returned to USC to earn his MBA. It was during that time that he developed a relationship with his first mentor, someone he had seen speak at an industry event.

Being mentored by someone who’d found success in the same field gave him confidence. He said the mentor helped him see the big picture of his career and referred him to opportunities, and he began to advance.

“I had someone in my corner, someone who understood my industry and the importance of my function,” Tien continued.

As part of his mission to give back to the community in which he grew up, Tien serves as a board member for El Monte Promise Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps create a college-going culture and promotes financial literacy in the city of El Monte and surrounding underserved communities.

He also launched a student-run credit union branch inside John Muir High School Early College Magnet in an underserved part of Pasadena. The students who run the banking branch get valuable work experience, career guidance, and financial education that they wouldn’t get otherwise.

“One of my big mantras is about the importance of financial literacy, which is an important life skill but isn’t always taught in schools or at home,” he says. “There are generations of folks who had to learn about personal finance through trial and error and are still struggling financially.”

Tien said he is grateful to be in a fulfilling career where he can drive organizational growth, have a positive impact on communities, and serve as a role model.

“It’s about being prepared before the right opportunity comes along,” he says. “The right mentor can save someone time and anguish and help them make strategic career decisions.”

In addition to his role as Professional Mentor with ArcVida, steps are in place for Tien to join the Adjunct Faculty at Pasadena City College starting this Fall.

When he’s not working or volunteering, Tien enjoys public speaking, reading, mountain biking, and traveling. He’s traveled extensively throughout North America, Asia, Mexico, Europe, and Australia.