Pasadena Transit Recognized for Outstanding Service

Published : Tuesday, December 26, 2017 | 6:14 PM


The City of Pasadena strives to be a place where residents and visitors can travel around the city without a car. At the forefront of this mission is Pasadena Transit. This locally funded service is essential to support both local and regional transit connections. The success of Pasadena Transit is a direct result of its efficient and effective operations, customer service focused approach, financial management, grant awards, marketing, community relations, citywide policies that support and promote transit, and collaborative administration of its programs.

Pasadena Transit was awarded Outstanding Transportation Agency by the California Association for Coordinated Transportation (CalACT), the largest state transit association in the country. This statewide recognition is for Pasadena Transit’s exemplary local transit services and its steady resurgence since 2010 when it was faced with major funding shortfalls. With the support of City Council, and due to the effort of City staff and its contract operation team, notable achievements have been made despite significant financial challenges. These accomplishments include very high on-time performance, replacement of the entire fleet with new vehicles, implementation of technology that improves the customer experience and system reliability, and rebranding of the transit system from ARTS to Pasadena Transit. As a result, Pasadena Transit has had an annual increase in ridership for the last four years during a period when the rest of the region and nation has experienced declining ridership.

Pasadena Transit operates six local bus routes within the City of Pasadena, as well as portions of the unincorporated community of Altadena, on weekdays and Saturdays, serving nearly 400 bus stops and six Metro Gold Line stations.

For more information on Pasadena Transit routes, schedules, and fares click here.

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