Pasadena Transportation Advisory Commission To Showcase Short Range Transit Plan in Its Thursday Meeting

Published : Monday, March 19, 2018 | 6:40 PM

Pasadena’s Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP) will take center stage during this month’s meeting of the Pasadena Transportation Advisory Commission Tuesday, March 22.

Transportation Director Frederick Dock is scheduled to present a draft of the Short Range Transit Plan before the Commission.

The draft was developed after months of data analysis, general public meetings, commission meetings, and onboard surveys and online surveys. It includes an evaluation of Pasadena Transit and Pasadena Dial-A-Ride existing performance and capital needs and also provides a comparison to similar agencies in the region, documentation of public outreach activities, an assessment of transit needs, and recommendations on how to address these needs.

In a memorandum for the Commission, Dock said the Short Range Transit Plan would guide the next five years of programming the development of transit services in the city, as well as potential development and investments to support the policy goals for Pasadena Transit and Pasadena Dial-A-Ride.

Pasadena Transit is the city’s fixed-route bus service which provides routes that travel throughout Pasadena, including service to the six Metro Gold Line stations, commercial corridors, major business and employment areas, schools and colleges, parks, medical facilities, and dense residential areas, among others.

Pasadena Dial-A-Ride is a demand-response, paratransit service for seniors and individuals with disabilities that assists residents of Pasadena, San Marino, Altadena, and other adjacent unincorporated areas within the Pasadena area.

In 2016, Pasadena Dial-A-Ride transitioned to using the Transit Access Pass (TAP) Reduced Fare card as its membership card. With TAP, qualified persons can avail of more seamless and convenient boarding on all types of public transportation in the city.

At the same time, because Pasadena Dial-A-Ride members can board Pasadena Transit for free with their membership cards, the use of TAP cards makes it easier for bus operators to quickly identify whether or not someone boarding for free has an active or inactive Pasadena Dial-A-Ride membership.

Dock’s memorandum also listed specific recommendations that are contained in the draft SRTP, for possible approval by TAC and endorsement to the City Council by next week.

The recommendations, he said, are based on the results of public outreach conducted, along with the ridership analysis and survey results.

Here are the Transportation department’s recommendations:

• Retain grant funded increased frequency on Pasadena Transit Routes 20 and 31/32

• Implementation of Sunday service on Pasadena Transit

• Increase weekday and Saturday frequency on Pasadena Transit

• Extend weekday and Saturday service hours on Pasadena Transit

• Modify Pasadena Transit Route 40 to serve South Lake

• Increase Dial-A-Ride service

• Implement real-time trip notification technology on Dial-A-Ride

Dock said the SRTP draft is expected to be posted on the city’s website for public review. This summer, the department will return to the city’s commissions and the City Council’s Municipal Services Committee with a final draft.








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