Pasadena Waldorf School Welcomes Class of 2027 with Rose Ceremony

(from left): 8th Grader Beaujais Harris-Kamal with 1st grade buddy Chris Geng(front left): 8th grade student Charlie Nix with 1st grade buddy Jasper Benjamin(from left): 1st grader Morgan Southall-Vancea, with 8th grade buddy Rory (from left): 8th grade student Jeremy Pinchasi and 1st grade student Robert Reis receive roses from 12th grade student Will Birney(from left): 8th grade student Colby Brooks with 1st grade buddy Nicholas Cabral(from left) 8th grade student Arlo Reilly and 1st grade student Jackson Huggins receives roses from 12th grade student Danny BalderramaHigh School Music teacher Ted Masur (facing) conducts the PWS High School chorus in front of historic Scripps Hall(front left): 8th grade student Ava Suhy with 1st grade buddy Willow Miller(front row, from left): 1st graders Perry Parcher and Dylan Heffernan with their 8th grade buddy Max Adams

Article by Pasadena Waldorf School | Photography by Anthony Dimino

4:39 pm | September 18, 2015

On Wednesday, September 9, Pasadena Waldorf School marked the beginning of its 36th year with its annual tradition, the Rose Ceremony. The event celebrates the entrance of the 1st graders from the class of 2027 into the grades. With the entire student body in attendance in front of the historic Scripps Hall on the school’s Mariposa Street campus in Altadena, the new students and their class teacher, Dennis Demanett, received roses from the high school senior class. In previous years, the students have been welcomed into the grades with roses from the 8th grade class. With the opening of the high school in 2012, this year is significant in Pasadena Waldorf School’s history as for the first time, each student in the class of 2016, presented roses to the 1st grade children.

In addition to receiving a rose from the high school, the school continues the tradition of pairing a 1st grade student with an 8th grade buddy. Throughout the course of the school year, the 1st and 8th graders will participate in many activities together, including lunches, recess time, and special celebrations. This year’s 8th grade class also received a rose from the 12th grade students, a white rose, to recognize the start of their final year of middle school.

The ceremony completes its full circle when the 1st graders return this gesture in the spring. At the end of the school year in June 2016, it will be first graders’ turn to offer a rose to the high school seniors as they graduate and move on to the next chapter in their lives.

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