Pasadena Water & Power Wants You to be Aware of Utility Scam Attempts

Published : Tuesday, August 14, 2018 | 5:42 AM

Scammers disguising themselves as pasadena Water & Power (PWP) employees are attempting to extort money from customers, threatening to shut off service unless a payment is made immediately over the phone.

PWP advises customers, both residential and commercial to be especially vigilant of scammers, who are becoming more bold and inventive. Scam attempts include use of “spoofing”, a technique  used by criminals to falsify the telephone number so it appears as if calls are coming from another source, such as PWP. Other scam techniques include using a non-PWP phone number, but replicates PWP’s recorded customer service message so that callers belive they are speaking with a real PWP employee. While spoofing is a common fraud attempt, the replicated message may not be as easy to recognize.

Customers can protect themselves by becoming familiar with how PWP resolves bill-related issues. Customers with delinquent accounts will always receive a “Final Notice” from PWP by U.S. mail before any phone contact from PWP is made. While bill paymebts are accepted over the phone, PWP encourages customers to use the secure online payment system or make a payment in person at the City Hall Municipal Services counter.

Customers who have concerns about a recent call may: Request the person’s name, identification, emploter name, and call a back number .
Call PWP at 626-744-4005 to verify the legitimacy of the caller  Call the Pasadena Police Department at 626-744-4241 to report a fraudulent payment

To learn more how too avoid potential scams, visit:

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