Pasadena Woman Invents Gadget to Protect People in Vulnerable Situations

Published : Wednesday, September 6, 2017 | 7:10 PM

A Pasadena woman has invented a portable, personal, five-point safety device designed for use by women in dangerous, unsecured environments.

Called The Lady Ego, the device is patent pending and was invented by Carmen Jhaye, of Pasadena.

“This is a personal protection device to protect women or anyone when out in public alone,” Jhaye says in a press release. “It functions like a personal bodyguard, and provides a sense of security for all who carry it. It works, and your life is worth it.”

Her profile on Merit Pages said Jhaye is a Cleveland, Ohio native who moved to Pasadena in 2011.

Aside from inventing The Lady Ego, she is also the creator of Vaparo (Victory) clothing line and watches,

The Lady Ego features a camera with audio/video, an infrared scanning system, motion detector, GPS/Panic/Alarm system and force field, and is intended to provide consumers a means of ascertaining the security of their environment and protecting themselves from potential attackers, according to a statement.

The device is similar in size to a smartphone and has a shatterproof case featuring an eagle with wings spread housing the electronics and a clip securing the unit to the user.

The device has a series of push buttons that power each individual function, and boasts of high-output speakers for use of alarm. A USB and charging port is provided for use with the device’s charging cord.

An interactive LCD viewing screen displays video recorded both via the handheld unit and a companion camera configured to be mounted within one’s vehicle, designed to record activity at a 360-degree perimeter around the vehicle.

The second feature is an infrared scanning system that can detect the presence of persons or animals that may be approaching or lurking in dark or hidden areas or corners along a person’s route.

The third feature is a body motion detector that can be clipped to the back of the individual and can detect movement across a set radius.

The fourth feature combines a GPS/Panic/Alarm system. A panic button, when activated, immediately calls 911 and at the same time activates the unit’s integrated GPS (global positioning system), sending the user’s exact location to the operator and police so they can respond immediately. When this feature is activated, a piercing alarm goes off to scare the potential attacker and alert others to call for help.

The final component of The Lady Ego is an electronic force field that can be automatically activated on demand. This force field, while pointed at the potential attacker, creates a level of resistance that reportedly prevents a would-be attacker from physically interacting with the user.








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