Pasadena's Design Commission Meets Tuesday to Deliberate About New Construction Projects

Published : Monday, January 22, 2018 | 6:00 PM

Pasadena’s Design Commission will deliberate on at least three new construction projects, and some façade modification work on another site, during its regular weekly meeting Tuesday, January 22.

The Design Commission is an advisory body to the Pasadena City Council on design standards, criteria, concepts and policies for public and private projects in the city.

At 30 West Green Street in District 6, Crack Shack, the San Diego-based fried chicken restaurant that recently opened in Pasadena, is applying for minor façade modifications and installation of new signage. The commission will review the project on Tuesday.

A proposal to construct a new four-to-six-story mixed-use building at 82 North Lake Avenue, in District 3, will go through a Preliminary Consultation. The project includes a 73-unit five-story residential building. Overall, the project will be about 127,821 square feet when completed. The site is at the southwest corner of East Union Street and North Lake Avenue, currently occupied by several structures—none of which are historic—that will be demolished.

At 130-140 North Fair Oaks Avenue in District 3, a new one-to-six-story mixed-use building with about 3,374 square feet of ground-floor commercial space and 38 residential units will go through a Concept Design Review by the commission. The project will involve the demolition of a non-historic building at 140 North Fair Oaks Avenue. An application for structural stabilization and rehabilitation of a portion of an existing building at 130 North Fair Oaks Avenue that was built in 1918 and is considered to be a contributing structure to the Old Pasadena Historic District will also be discussed.

A staff report from the Department of Planning and Community Development said the Design Commission has reviewed an application for Preliminary Consultation on the project in 2014, and the architect has responded to most of the Commissioners’ comments in regard to revisions of the plan.

A new six-story, 258-unit residential project is proposed at 3448-3452 Foothill Blvd. in District 4, along with some exterior remodeling of the existing Panda Inn restaurant and the first two floors of the existing Gateway Metro Tower building that is on the site.

The project will go through Concept Design Review, although the agenda says the item will be continued at the Design Commission’s February 27 meeting.

The Design Commission will meet at 6 p.m. at the Basement Training Room S018 at City Hall.

Public comment on matters not in the agenda will be allowed after approval of the minutes near the start of the meeting.








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