Pasadena’s Hotel Constance Says Luxury Amenities Means Powering Up Your Guests Electric Vehicles, Too

Published : Thursday, February 28, 2019 | 5:44 AM

It is said you are the company you keep and electric cars are being invited by Pasadena’s tony Hotel Constance to come in and plug in.

More specifically, Hotel Constance is now offering guests, and general public alike, electronic vehicle (EV) charging services for $2 an hour, according to SemaConnect, a purveyor of residential and commercial electric vehicle charging stations.

The offering is the result of an agreement between the luxury staying place and SemaConnect.

The dual pedestal EV charging stations at Hotel Constance are SemaConnect Series 6 Charging Stations designed specifically for Class A properties. The stations feature a sleek design, simple installation, network management controls, interactive LED lights, and smart card authorization.

The stations at the Hotel Constance can be found on the SemaConnect and PlugShare mobile applications.

Built in 1926, The Hotel Constance is a Pasadena landmark, located on historic Route 66, and one of California’s most venerable high-end hotels. Its restored exterior maintains the original 1926 design, but the interior is ultra-modern with a clean, charming appeal.

The courtyard features an original fountain with authentic Mexican tile work from the 1920s. The Blue Room Lounge offers free nightly entertainment and the new rooftop pool is a popular social gathering spot.

Hotel Constance is located at 928 East Colorado Blvd., in Pasadena.

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