Pasadena's Journey House Celebrates Education Policy Win for Former Foster Youth

Published : Friday, December 8, 2017 | 2:08 PM

Pasadena’s Journey House Celebrates Education Policy Win for Former Foster Youth

Pasadena’s Journey House Celebrates Education Policy Win for Former Foster YouthPasadena’s Journey House celebrated their legislative victory of 2017, passage of Assemblymember Holden’s Assembly Bill 1567, with local stakeholders, advocates, and former foster youth. Journey House sponsored the legislation that automatically notifies foster youth and former foster you of the services they qualify for upon acceptance at a California Community College or California State University. The new law is anticipated to improve higher education outcomes for former foster youth.

“We all know how important and difficult the first quarter or semester of college can be,” said Assemblymember Chris Holden. “This simple new process takes a big step towards improving educational outcomes for former foster youth.”

Under the new law, former foster youth students will have better access to available resources such as financial aid, counseling, or housing. The information may also help students decide which college is best for them based on the types of services will be available.

During the program, Assemblymember Holden recognized Journey House’s Beyond Foster Care Director Jesse Aguiar and University of California Student Lucero Noyola, both former foster youth, for their critical roles passing Assembly Bill 1567. Aguiar and Lucero, among other former foster youth built public support for the legislation and lobbied legislators in Sacramento throughout the year.

“As someone who was in foster care, I understand firsthand how critical supportive services are to former foster youth who wish to go to college,” said Lucero Noyola. “Outreach to foster youth on campus is critical so youth are not having to navigate higher education institutions alone, and it is important that we are connected to available programs as soon as possible so we have a better chance of succeeding.”

Journey House supports former foster and probation youth to live fully independent, successful lives. Founded in 1983, Journey House provides emotional support and guidance, as well as financial aid to help them with the cost of attending college and vocational schools. Earlier in 2017, Journey House established the Journey House Thrift Store that employs former foster youth students, with 100% of the sales benefiting their programs.







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