Pasadena's New Postmaster Has Been Here and Back Again

Published : Thursday, February 28, 2019 | 5:56 AM

Pasadena’s new Postmaster knows the town, and the towns around the town, which is somewhat the business of someone in his position.

Postmaster Tracy Jones is a company man who came up through the ranks. He started as a carrier in Columbiana, Ohio. From there he went to Youngstown in the same state, before transferring to Pasadena in 1991.

He eventually got on a management track with the U.S. Postal Service and that took him to an impressive number of nearby locales in a number of different capacities: Pasadena (manager); San Marino (manager); Beverly Hills (officer in charge); Santa Monica (manager), Redondo Beach (postmaster); Sylmar (postmaster) from where he returned to where he started… in Pasadena.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with some pretty large offices here in a pretty big city, the Los Angeles area,” Jones commented. “When I was given an opportunity to come back to Pasadena, I was pretty excited, because it is where I started my career, or at least my Southern California career.”

He said the Pasadena postal operation is great place to work, but challenging. “It’s pretty much a 24-hour facility, which most post offices aren’t,” he explained. Pasadena qualifies as a “plant operation” because it is involved in distribution, or the internal movement of mail throughout the service’s regional apparatus. “We have people in place to run the operations, process the mail through the night and during the day, our retail and our delivery,” said Jones. “I plan on making it our best area.”

There are, Jones said, some 400 people under his command in Pasadena.

While there are budget constraints on the postal service, Jones said that Pasadena is not typically a target for cuts in funding or operation size.

“They could have focused on Santa Ana, but they decided on Pasadena because, in the end, the Post Office was looking to capitalize on all the space we have at our facilities.”

There is no limit to one’s term as postmaster.

“You are in the job as long as you are going to be here,” Jones quipped. “So I plan on being here for a while. I love Pasadena. It is the first city I lived in when I moved here from Ohio. It’s always been a great community.”

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