Pasadena’s Pioneer QLess Announces New Funding Round

Published : Saturday, November 18, 2017 | 4:17 PM

Qless Phone AppPasadena-based QLess, an innovator in data-driven queue management and productivity solutions, says it has secured $5.5 million in a round of private equity funding from new investors, among them Palisades Growth Capital and Act One Ventures.

In an announcement on Sunday, QLess also announced it has added Jeff Anderson, Managing Director of Palisades Growth Capital, to its board of directors.

Anderson, a venture capital leader with over 20 years of experience in the field, will assist QLess in the ongoing strategic expansion of its customer interaction management (CIM) platform.

“The QLess platform addresses major inefficiencies found in a vast number of consumer-facing business and public-sector operations,” says Anderson. “By leveraging mobile and digital technologies, as well as data analytics, QLess improves customer satisfaction, boosts employee productivity, and helps organizations plan for the future. It’s an exciting technology, and I look forward to working with the rest of the QLess team to continue to bring this solution to more and more locations around the world.”

QLess founder and CEO Alex Bäcker said the latest funding round is an affirmation of the importance of their mission. “With our platform, we’ve already helped organizations save more than 100 million customers over 5700 years’ of wasted time. With this infusion of capital, QLess is empowered to continue helping businesses, governments, health providers, and educational institutions deliver the highest quality of service while eliminating waste.”

QLess recently pioneered a queue management and appointment scheduling platform that empowers organizations to schedule appointments and manage lines for superior customer experience, lowered costs, and reduced walkaways. The platform includes data analytics that drive better business decisions.

People who wish to set an appointment with a QLess client can join a virtual queue via an app and receive updates with forecasted wait times, letting the user decide what would be the best time to physically proceed to the appointment area.

Last month, QLess said its software platform had saved over 100 million people from waiting in line, representing more time recovered than all of recorded history.

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