Pasadena's Polytechnic School Alum Krista Suh Creates This Year's Symbol of Protest for the "March For Our Lives"

Published : Friday, March 23, 2018 | 5:05 PM

Images courtesy Krista Suh via Facebook

Pussy hat creator Krista Suh has created this year’s symbol of resistance culture – the evil eye.

The “evil eye” could become as ubiquitous during the March 24th “March For Our Lives,” organized by the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School for gun control awareness, as pink pussy hats were during the Women’s March last year. They’ll mostly to turn up on gloves, but you’ll also see them on signs, t-shirts and in other forms.

Suh, who has Pasadena roots and graduated from Polytechnic School, said on her blog that the idea “came to me in a dream, just minutes before waking up. I had a dream of a protest, a huge peaceful crowd with their hands outstretched toward the sky—each palm had a huge EYE drawn on it. It was a Sea of Eyes.”

Suh told CNN that the vision stuck with her, and when the March For Our Lives protest began to take root, she knew how she would participate.

Suh’s plan: to collect 438 pairs of gloves, representing the 438 people killed or injured in school shootings since 2014 until today. She has since received thousands, and there will be thousands more seen Saturday as marchers take to the streets across the country.

“Individually, to show the eye on the palm, you can put out your hand in a ‘stop’ gesture — as in we must stop gun violence; enough is enough. In a group, you can raise your hands above your head to show the eyes — this is the universal gesture of ‘hands up don’t shoot’ and a reminder of how vulnerable our children are in a country with weak gun control…Congress needs to know that the people are watching,” Suh said.




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