Pasadena's Public Safety Committee to Meet Monday, Likely to Draw Protestors

Published : Monday, March 5, 2018 | 6:40 AM

Pasadena’s Public Safety Committee to Meet Monday

The Pasadena City Council’s Public Safety Committee is scheduled to listen to an oral presentation about Pasadena’s Community-Police Work Plan from police officials during its regular meeting Monday afternoon in the City Council Chambers, but it’s likely the Committee will hear a lot more than just that.

The audience will likely include members of various groups protesting against Pasadena police conduct and a decision to keep two officers on patrol or demonstrating in favor of police oversight.

Groups such as Pasadenans and Altadenans Against Police Violence, the Coalition for Increased Civilian Oversight of Pasadena Police (CICOPP),  and Pasadenans Organizing for Progress (POP) have recently mobilized members to attend and speak out at city meetings.

The organizations’ chorus of claims accuses Pasadena police of brutality, racial profiling and misconduct by officers, and has grown louder recently triggered by the violent and controversial November 9, 2017 traffic stop arrest in Altadena of Christopher Ballew.

The groups are demanding changes in Pasadena police policies, practices and oversight.

At last week’s City Council meeting, when Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek delivered a statement supporting Pasadena police, he was faced with some disdain from members of these groups who had crowded into Council chambers carrying signs and shouting calls for the removal from field duty of two officers who were involved in the Ballew arrest.

Tornek also sits on the Public Safety Committee, which is chaired by Vice-Mayor John Kennedy.

Pasadena’s Community-Police Work Plan Item is the only item on the agenda for Monday’s meeting, which begins at 4:15 p.m. and precedes the full City Council meeting.

The agenda did not say who is scheduled to deliver the oral presentation.

Pasadena Police Chief Sanchez and senior command staff officers typically are in attendance at Public Safety Committee meetings.

Public comment on matters not in the agenda is allowed right after roll call, and comments are limited to three minutes each.

The Committee meets on the first Monday and third Wednesday of every month in Council Chambers at Pasadena City Hall, 100 North Garfield Avenue, Pasadena.


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