Pasadena's Slaw Dogs Hot Dog Restaurant Closes After Initial Success, Expansion

Published : Monday, July 29, 2019 | 7:22 PM

From Top clockwise: Raymond Byrne and his mom Jennifer Shue shown in Slaw Dogs Lake Avenue ship in 2010, surrounded by some of Raymond's creations (The ABLT Dog, Porkbelly Dog and Kumquat Dog).

Slaw Dogs, a choose-your-own-adventure style hotdog shop that opened in Pasadena in 2010 and branched out to Duarte and then to Woodland Hills, has ended a nine-year run by closing its last location as of Sunday.

Raymond Byrne, who opened the first store at 720 N. Lake Avenue in Pasadena, announced Sunday on Instagram that it was their last day of service.

“The Slaw Dogs (1 through 4) have been some of the most challenging and amazing times of my life. From that little run-down storefront, on the most nondescript stretch of Lake ave., all the way to the current iteration at The Village in Woodland Hills, it has always been the people that have kept me going and made it all worthwhile,” Byrne wrote. “I feel like I can close my eyes and see every face that has stepped through the doors of every location. It is all of you who have inspired me to be able to do this. And to all the crews who have worked alongside me, you have molded me into a better version of myself than when I started. Thank you.”

When Slaw Dogs opened in Pasadena, Byrne was telling about how the idea of a “more than your average sausage-wedged-between-two buns” hotdog came to him at a friend’s barbecue when he concocted an Asian-style slaw and put it on top of the hotdogs.

He said he liked the combination so much he decided to commit to the concept by open the Pasadena store.

Through the Instagram post, Byrne said “this unlikely, incredible ride has run it’s course and it is time to move onward to the next chapter.”

He did not say what he plans to do next.

The Pasadena flagship on Lake Avenue closed earlier this year.






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