Pasadena’s Sun Pacific Goes Organically Fruity with Cuties

Published : Thursday, March 14, 2019 | 4:44 AM

Sun Pacific Marketing Cooperative in Pasadena went public with its organic Cuties brand last week.

The popular Mandarin oranges debuted at the Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Exposure 2019 in Orlando, according to “Blue Book Series,” a fruit and vegetable industry trade publication.

Sun Pacific, which has its main sales and marketing offices at 1095 East Green Street in Pasadena, started in 1969 when founder and CEO Berne Evans purchased 72 acres of orange groves in the San Joaquin Valley.

Howard Nager, vice president of business development, announced that the company had previously added organically grown kiwi fruit to its Mighties line in October.

At the expo, Nader also said Sun Pacific’s easy-peel Cuties line is getting more competition as more companies introduce branded clementines and mandarins.

Last November, Sun Pacific produced a Countdown to Cuties sweepstakes that offered consumers a chance to win a smart watch and share their personal countdowns with each other. Cuties utilized its fan base during the campaign to grow a community of shoppers and generate in-store purchases.

“We anticipated and were very pleased with this volume of excitement surrounding Cuties season because we know consumers love the brand,” Kate Reeb, Sun Pacific Director of Marketing, said in a statement. “This promotion created another opportunity to personalize people’s experience with the Cuties brand and create excitement around the much-anticipated start of a season.

In February, the company hosted a “Sweeter with You” promotion on social media, to encourage consumers to share their favorite moments with the people they love, “especially the moments that include Cuties,” said Reeb.

The Cuties brand is focusing on its annual Snack A-peel campaign in 2019, which encourages continued growth of the mandarin snacking category, Reeb told Farm Journal Media’s The Packer.

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