Pasadena's YES Spreads Some Local Love in a Pop Up Shop

Pasadena’s Youth Empowerment and Strength (YES) hosted a marketplace to assist burgeoning entrepreneurs of color, develop ties with community partners, and strengthen cultural learning spaces.

Published : Monday, April 16, 2018 | 5:23 AM


Pasadena’s Youth Empowerment and Strength (YES) organized an April event in collaboration with the NAACP, YVote California, POP (Pasadenans Organizing for Progress), and many other community partners to share local love, energy, and commitment to juvenile justice within our community.

The event, entitled LOVE LOCAL, brought local entrepreneurs and local organizations together to sell, share, and inform our community of issues affecting us all. YES hopes that this marketplace of ideas strengthens relationships between the many communities of Pasadena via economic and cultural learning spaces.

Among the vendors present at LOVE LOCAL were the clothing design companies “IV WHAT IT’S WORTH’, “Daz-Ling Dezignz”, and “BUILD Apparel”, all representing communities of color in Pasadena. All the vendors say they are longtime Pasadena residents, and were raised and attended school in the Pasadena community. Tasty Tamales, a homemade and growing tamale business, will be selling tamales at the venue; the caterer is currently raising her children through PUSD.

Community leader Marquis “Weez” Robinson said of the event: “the pop-up shop was a great way for the whole community to come out and support their local entrepreneurs, and helped us think about the resources that we could use collectively to help this community thrive.”

Also present at LOVE LOCAL were a variety of community partners of YES, including Pasadenans Organizing for Progress (POP), the NAACP Young Adult Council, CICOPP, and Pasadenans and Altadenans Against Police Violence.

LOVE LOCAL organizers said ir represents the intersection of a wide-range of community values: economic growth, intercultural relationships, social justice, youth activism, and community leadership. As Kyle Lee, organizer for Pasadena’s YES observed, “by fostering love for each other, respect for businesses, and a commitment to social justice within our community, YES hopes to strengthen a community desire for collective action to convince our councilmembers of the necessity of a policy shift regarding incarceration of juvenile youth.”

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