PCC Students Will Soon Be Able See Their Class Schedule Online at Least Two Years in Advance,

Published : Wednesday, July 12, 2017 | 6:56 PM

Image from PCC Website

Students at the Pasadena City College will soon be able to see their class schedule online at least two years in advance, something that would help both them and their counsellors put together a clearer Educational Plan.

At the President’s Forum at the end of the spring semester, PCC Superintendent-President Rajen Vurdien announced that students will be able to see the class schedule up to two years in advance starting in the fall 2018, the PCC Courier said.

Vurdien said PCC Vice President of Instruction Terry Giugni is currently working with the deans to make sure the facility is in place by then. However, students will not be able to register for classes that far in advance.

“What we would have are the classes that we’re offering fall-spring-fall-spring, and the days and times that those classes would be scheduled,” Giugni told the Courier.

It is not clear whether the schedule would include the winter and summer sessions.

Other schools have also begun the process of publishing advanced class schedules, the Courier report said, but so far, West Hills College in Lemoore and Coalinga are the only ones currently allowing students to register for a one-year term.

Giugni said that while the process would allow PCC to predict student growth and contention from one fall and spring semester to the next due to data collection, “rolling over,” or making the schedule the same throughout the year, will be one of the disadvantages. According to him, semesters should not be looking the same year after year.

“We’re not taking into account all the various pieces of data that should impact the development of the schedule,” Guigni said in the Courier report. “We should be adding more classes where there’s a high demand and offering fewer classes that have a lower demand.”

PCC Marketing Director Alex Boekelheide says the tricky part about the process is figuring out exactly what the students need, while looking at the possibility that some students either may not stay longer than a semester and go elsewhere, or may have to take time off from school.

“To fight that, what we’re trying to do is to get every student to put together an Educational (Ed) Plan,” Boekelheide told the Courier. “The more students we could get to do these Ed Plans, the more information we’d have to build these schedules down the road.”

Ed Plans are documents that students and counsellors build together in order for students to achieve their academic career goals, helping students to stay on track while taking specific courses at PCC.

PCC VP of Student Services Cynthia Olivo says only 13,500 students have Ed Plans in place, although an additional 2,500 first-year-experience (FYE) freshmen will be getting Ed Plans when Fall 2017 registration starts on July 11.

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