PCC’s U-Building Funding in Jeopardy as California Declines to Fully Fund Project

Published : Wednesday, March 28, 2018 | 5:25 AM


Plans for PCC’s Armen Sarafian Hall, otherwise known as the U-building, have been derailed by the state of California. Last month, Academic Senate president Valerie Foster announced that Governor Jerry Brown had changed his mind about funding the U building project.

According to Foster, Brown wants the school to match the funds needed for the project—$38 million—by half. PCC, however, does not have the funds do so, and the budget has been put on hold—for now.

“We were going to get quite a bit of money to redo the building, but the governor changed his mind and now wants us to match the funds,” Foster said.

The administration said it does not know why Brown changed his mind.

In summer 2010, the 45-year-old building was deemed unsafe by inspectors due to seismic and health issues, among them poor air, lack of custodial care and rodent problems. Due to the condition of the building, PCC’s Science Village was relocated to a nearby on a parking lot.

The school now hopes that the state will change its mind before the May Revise—that’s when the governor’s proposed budget from January gets an update before it is signed into law by the end of June.

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