Pickleball Working Group to Push for 12 Permanent Courts, Identifies 19 Possible Park Locations

Published : Tuesday, February 6, 2018 | 6:45 AM

Pickleball Working Group to Push for 12 Permanent Courts

A working group organized by Pasadena residents interested in promoting pickleball as a sport has decided to push for at least 12 pickleball courts to be apportioned among some of the City’s existing parks.

The working group is expected to present a report before the City’s Recreation and Parks Commission which meets Tuesday, February 6, at City Yards Second Floor, 233 West Mountain Street. The meeting starts at 6 p.m.

The officially-designated group grew out of a number of community members who have been playing the sport for some time and looking for locations for permanent pickleball courts. Tentatively, pickleball enthusiasts put up a temporary court at Allendale Park, until a permanent location is found.

On January 9, the Recreation and Parks Commission asked Commissioner Ellen Williamson to represent the body on the working group. With pickleball players Michele Logan and Bruce Bailey, and staff members Kenny James and Loren Puth, the group, including Commissioner Williamson, met for the first time on January 17, with Commissioner Jonathan Fuhrman as an observer, and discussed the minimum requirements for a permanent pickleball court.

Among those discussed are that locations must be within an existing park, have limited direct exposure to adjacent residences, and would not require the displacement of another existing facility, unless as a last resort.

Staff also indicated that the preferred location must not require the construction of a new restroom due to the schedule, proximity and cost – meaning it should have an existing restroom. The courts themselves must include a perimeter fence and interior fences to separate adjoining courts, and must have appropriate surface markings.

The location must also have available parking, either on-street or on an existing parking lot.

Initially, the group talked about putting up from four to eight pickleball courts in different parks. After some discussion and a suggestion by Commissioner Williamson, the group decided 12 courts is an ideal number.

Public Works Department staff has reviewed the City’s existing park inventory and came up with a list of potential locations for pickleball courts.

The list includes Allendale, Brenner, Brookside, Central, Eaton-Blanche, Grant, Gwinn, Hamilton, Jefferson, La Pintoresca, McDonald, Memorial, Robinson, Singer, Sunnyslope, Victory, Villa Parke, Vina Vieja, and Washington Parks.

Some parks were removed from consideration because they didn’t have an existing restroom, clearly too small for the minimum facility, have significant development restrictions, have ongoing construction work, or are PUSD school-parks.

The next steps after site identification would be site analysis, where the park’s characteristics will be reviewed against the surrounding neighborhood, existing activity and programming will be considered, and conceptual layouts prepared.

Other topics that may be discussed Tuesday at the Recreation and Parks Commission meeting include a presentation about the design of new or replacement restrooms at Desiderio and Victory Parks, a Parks and Natural Resources Quarterly Report, and a Human Services and Recreation Monthly Report.


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