Police, Firefighters Confiscate 300% More “Dangerous” Fireworks This Year Than in 2018

Published : Monday, July 15, 2019 | 5:05 AM

Fireworks confiscated by the Pasadena Police and Fire departmentys. Filr photo

Pasadena police officers and firefighters assigned to Fireworks Enforcement Units during the July 4th holiday timeframe confiscated 109 pounds of illegal fireworks during operations conducted across the City of Pasadena as well in and around the Rose Bowl, where the annual Independence Day AmericaFest was celebrated.

There was a marked increase in the amount of “dangerous” fireworks confiscated this year compared to last year, according to report prepared jointly by the Pasadena Police and Fire Departments.

This year, “dangerous” fireworks confiscated reached a total of 96 pounds, from only 32 pounds in 2018.

Of “safe and sane” fireworks, authorities confiscated 11 pounds this year, a little less that the 18 pounds confiscated in 2018, according to the report.

The full report is scheduled to be presented to the City Council’s Public Safety Committee during its meeting Wednesday, July 17, at City Hall. The meeting begins at 6 p.m.

The report said the City conducted an “aggressive community outreach and public information campaign” about the hazards of fireworks and the fact that all types of fireworks are prohibited in Pasadena. Aside from posting announcements and ads on some of Pasadena’s news outlets, including Pasadena Now, the City also extensively used social media to make sure the messages reach a maximum number of City residents.

Media messages, including public service announcements, advisories and reminders – in both English and Spanish – were also posted prominently in public areas, City-owned vehicles, Pasadena Transit buses, and on public buildings throughout the City.

Press conferences by the police and fire departments related to fireworks mitigation efforts were aired live and then replayed on KPAS for several days.

The media messages also included instructions on who to contact to report use or possession of fireworks. The Citizen Service Center actually received 24 reports about fireworks from people using its mobile application; the information received were relayed to the Pasadena Police Department without delay.

Throughout the 4th of July celebration, the City received 27 emergency medical calls, reports of five motor vehicle accidents, and three fire alarm activations, the report said.

During AmericaFest at the Rose Bowl, the City assigned a fireworks enforcement detail of nine fire personnel and one police officer at the Rose Bowl, supported by other personnel roving in golf carts around the area, and parking lot and golf course patrols as well. A pre-4th of July deployment began Saturday, June 29 through Wednesday, July 3, with two officer teams in marked police vehicles doing citywide patrols.

On the 4th of July itself, 13 Pasadena police personnel deployed into two-officer teams in marked police vehicles for citywide patrols and visual observation of fireworks activity.

Under the Pasadena Municipal Code, possession, sale and discharge of fireworks is prohibited throughout the City. The PMC was amended in 2018 to allow for issuance of administrative citations.

In all, City personnel responded to 331 calls for service and issued 61 administrative citations, representing a 60 percent increase in calls for service compared to 2018. Thirty-eight percent of the calls for service were from District 1, which also recorded the highest number of citations issued, at 17.

The report said all fireworks confiscated the operations were turned over to the Pasadena Fire Department for proper storage.

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