Police Plan to Replace Water-Filled Security Roadblocks at Rose Parade With New Anti-Terrorism Vehicle Barriers

Published : Monday, September 16, 2019 | 5:37 AM

The innocuous-looking Archer 1200 Anti-Terrorism Vehicle Barrier (shown at the Rose Bowl, at left) is in fact very effective at blocking vehicles. Images courtesy Meridian Rapid Defense Group.

Pasadena police are asking the City Council to approve a new kind of defensive security tool for this year’s Rose Parade.

The most recent three parades have been protected by up to 400 water-filled barriers positioned at 65 street intersections and 40 private business driveway aprons along the parade route.

The City started deploying the water-filled barriers in 2017 in response to terrorist truck attack incidents in Europe in the weeks leading up to that year’s parade.

But this year, a city report said the new barrier of choice is the Archer 1200 Anti-Terrorism Vehicle Barrier, which is a U.S. and internationally patented device manufactured by Meridian Rapid Defense of Pasadena.

“The Archer vehicle barriers will replace the water barriers currently deployed during New Year’s operations,” the police department’s report said. “The Archer barriers provide more protection to floats, spectators, City and Tournament of Roses employees involved with the Rose Parade.”

These devices, according to the report, have been approved and designated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) under the Safety Act as qualified anti-terrorism technology (QATT).

The report said no other companies were found that provide a device that meets the QATT qualifications.

“It is in the city’s best interest to award the purchase order to Meridian Rapid defense as the barriers will mitigate any potential HGVE (home-grown violent extremists) attacks during this important event,” The police department report said.

After one year of the contract, the Pasadena Police Department will review the effectiveness of the use of the anti-terrorist vehicle barriers along the Rose Parade route, and could recommend an extension, the report said.





Pasadena’s City Council is expected to approve the contract between the City and locally-based Meridian Rapid Defense Group LLC for the installation of anti-terrorism vehicle barriers as part of the public safety plan for the upcoming Rose Parade in January.

The contract would cost the City $110,000 per year for up to five years for a total cost of $550,000, according to a recommendation from the Pasadena Police Department, which the City Council will discuss Monday night during its regular meeting.

At some of the critical intersections, the police department, through Meridian Rapid Defense Group, will install barricades which are meant to stop large trucks that terrorists could use to deploy bombs.

Under the proposed contract, the anti-terrorism vehicle barriers will be accompanied by attendant supporting technologies and products including the Archer Field Tow Bar and Archer Hauler.

Meridian Rapid Defense Group LLC is headquartered at 177 E Colorado Blvd. In Pasadena.

To learn more about the company, visit www.betterbarriers.com.

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