Police Pursuit That Started in Pasadena Ends in Multi-Car Crash in Arcadia

Published : Tuesday, November 6, 2018 | 6:56 AM

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A car pursuit that began in Pasadena on Monday night ended with a violent multi-car collision in Arcadia, according to police Lt. Pete Hettema.

The pursuit originated in Pasadena on the 110 Freeway when a driver called police to report what the driver thought was drunk driver acting recklessly.

The caller continued to follow the car until police were able to catch up to the suspected drunk driver’s vehicle. The incident ended outside the Santa Anita Mall at the intersection of Huntington and Baldwin, according to Hettema.

The pursuit vehicle was speeding through the intersection when it T-boned a white sedan, which careened into a black car, police said.

The pursuit driver, identified by police as Sergio Regaldo, 25, of North Hollywood, who is suspected of DUI, was apparently injured and was taken away in a stretcher after being placed in handcuffs, police told KTLA television news.

Regaldo is being charged with felony DUI and evading police, Hettema said.

The driver ran stop signs and was heading eastbound on Huntington Blvd through Rosemead, going as fast as 80 mph on surface streets. Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department deputies began pursuing the vehicle at about 9:30 p.m. before the driver crashed, police reports indicate.

One woman in one of the other cars was also transported to a local hospital, KTLA reported.


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