Political Action Group ACT Endorses Tornek For Mayor

Also announces other endorsements

Published : Friday, January 10, 2020 | 12:02 PM

Nonpartisan political group ACT today endorsed (top row, from left) Mayor Terry Tornek, Felicia Williams for District 2, Char Bland for District 4; Steve Madison for District 6, Hoyt Hilsman for PCC Board of Trustees, and (bottom row, from left) John Harabedian for County Supervisor, Judy Chu for the 27th Congressional District, Adam Schiff for the 28th Congressional District, Anthony Portantino for State Senate, and Chris Holden for State Assembly.


[Updated] Nonpartisan political group ACT announced on Friday its members have voted to endorse Mayor Terry Tornek in the Mayor’s race.

Meanwhile, in Districts 2, 4 and 6 – members voted to endorse Felicia Williams, Charlotte Bland and incumbent Steve Madison.

In Congressional races, ACT endorsed Congressmember Judy Chu for the 27th Cong. District and Congressmember Adam Schiff for the 28th Cong. District.

At the state level, Act backs Sen. Anthony Portantino for the 25th State Senate  District and Assemblymember Chris Holden for the 41st. Assem. District.

Tornek won the endorsement over Victor Gordo and Major Williams. Tornek, Gordo and Williams appeared at a forum on Wednesday at an event that also included candidates running for the Pasadena City College Board of Trustees and the Pasadena City Council.

“The people who voted ‘no’ on Terry preferred to recommend Victor. Some of the people who voted for Terry, liked Victor and would support him for Mayor in the future but felt that there was no good reason to deny Terry, a second term,” a report by the ACT Steering Committee said in its recommendation of Tornek.

“Some felt that Victor would be better at building consensus and would be more responsive to his constituents than Terry has been. Others commented that they have found Terry very responsive. Some people who supported Terry did so because they did not like the fact that Victor did not believe civilian oversight was necessary and did not share their views that there is systemic racial profiling of drivers on the part of the Pasadena police.”

Tornek, Gordo and Major Williams were interviewed by the ACT Research Committee on Nov. 16. Candidate Jason Hardin declined to be interviewed at that time and was not invited to the debate earlier this week, since he was not eligible for the endorsement.

During that interview, according to ACT, the candidates were questioned about civilian oversight, racial profiling, development, traffic congestion, affordable housing, tenant protection, solutions to the city’s homeless population, marijuana dispensaries and public schools.

Both Tornek and Gordo were described as strong supporters of public schools, neither support rent control, although both support new laws limiting rent increases to 5 percent that ban evicting residents without cause.

“The ACT endorsement starts with interviews with the Research Committee and then recommendations by the Steering Committee and then a final vote of all the members,” said Executive Director Jon Fuhrman. “It takes 60 percent of the vote to receive the endorsement.”

In local City Council races, ACT voted to endorse Felicia Williams in District 2, Bland in District 4 and Madison in District 6.

In the races for Pasadena City College Board of Trustees Incumbents Hoyt Hillsman. In the County Board of Supervisors race, John Harabedian received the endorsement.

In a statement, ACT said it has approved financial contributions to local candidates but did not say how much. The statement also said ACT will consider contributions to Congressional and Legislative candidates after the March primaries.

In order to win on March 3, candidates must receive more than 50 percent of the vote. If no candidate gets more than 50 percent, the candidates will square off in a runoff election in November.

Voters unanimously passed a measure to move city elections to coincide with national elections to increase voter

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