Portantino's Efforts to Aid the Arroyo Seco Project and PCC are Included in CA State Budget

Published : Thursday, June 13, 2019 | 4:05 PM

Senator Anthony J. Portantino (D–La Cañada Flintridge) is pleased to announce that his budget requests for the City of Pasadena have been approved. The 2019–2020 State Budget includes $3.5 million for the Arroyo Seco Watershed Restoration Project from Prop 68 and $40.7 million from Prop 51 for Pasadena City College’s Armen Sarafian Building.

“It was a pleasure to work with educators, city leaders and local activists to prioritize projects that will positively impact our community. The Arroyo Seco is facing significant challenges due to the dam removal project and I was pleased that both South Pasadena and Pasadena want to help enhance this important regional watershed. Also, PCC continues to be the heart and soul of our community. Being in a position to lobby the Chancellor, the Department of Finance and the Governor’s office on the importance of the Sarafian Building was very important. I am glad that these requests were successful,” commented Senator Portantino.

Senator Portantino was a principal co-author of SB 5 that paved the way for a voter approved Prop 68. Early in the budget cycle, Portantino requested $3.5M in Prop 68 funds to use for the Arroyo Seco, a laudable local project brought forward by the City of South Pasadena. Senator Portantino also served on the PCC Measure P Bond Oversight Committee making him familiar with PCC’s construction efforts.

“It is a benefit to have a Senator who is familiar with and who appreciates the importance of the Arroyo Seco. Our organization is grateful once again that Portantino has stepped up on our behalf. I am looking forward to seeing how these resources are going to be allocated and am very optimistic that South Pasadena and Pasadena will cooperate with the activist community on the best utilization plan,” added Tim Brick, Managing Director, Arroyo Seco Foundation.






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