PUSD, PCC Dual Enrollment Classes Cancelled Over Disagreement About Who Will Teach Them

Published : Thursday, February 1, 2018 | 7:36 PM

Pasadena Unified School District and Pasadena City College officials have reportedly suspended their joint dual enrolment program, where PUSD high school seniors are given the opportunity to explore careers and majors before enrolling full-time in college.

A report by KPCC said the program is on hold because of a disagreement over who should teach the classes.

The report quotes Mark Whitworth, president of the 1,500-member Pasadena City College Faculty Association, as saying he brought up concerns about the program that led to the cancellation of the classes.

“This program is supposed to be a bridge between high school and college,” Whitworth said in the KPCC report. Whitworth added the dual program’s instructors – PUSD teachers who had qualified as PCC faculty – undermined the goal of the program to give high school students “a real college experience from a real college professor with real college expectations.”

On the PUSD website, a highlighted notice said “Dual Enrollment Courses for 2017-2018 school year have not been determined. Please check back for more information.”

Ana Chavez, a teacher handling dual enrolment classes, told KPCC she disagrees with Whitworth’s claim that her class wasn’t a real college class. She said she used college textbooks, changed her teaching methods, and used her masters’ degree credentials to qualify as a PCC professor.

“I am considered a faculty at PCC. Although I am not full time, permanent, I am a faculty,” she said. “I was approved by them, I was hired, I went through the process.”

The KPPC report said this kind of conflict is seen in other communities in California, but not to the point of classes being cancelled.

The dual enrollment program was become popular among PUSD high seniors because they could earn high school and college credits at the same time. Furthermore, research data does suggest that dual enrollment is leading to higher grades, greater enrollment in college, and lower college dropout rates after the first year.

PUSD and PCC officials said they expect to work out a new agreement detailing who teaches the classes. Most Pasadena school officials said they aren’t opposed to having current PCC faculty teach the classes.

PUSD Board of Education Member Scott Phelps told KPPC he is concerned that “adult issues interrupt the process of what we’re trying to do for kids.”

“Part of going to college is believing you can do it,” Phelps added. “It’s really important that students see a pathway to their future and then they experience it.”








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